Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Dream Waves: The Serpent Society

Happy Hump Day people....

Getting right into it, today, I'm laying out my ideal wave of Serpent Society member figures.
That's right, the Serpent Society.

First appearing in Captain America#310 (October 1985) and created by writer Mark Gruenwald and artist Paul Neary, the Serpent Society started out as a group founded by Sidewinder as a way of gathering all the snake-themed villains together.

They're basically blue-collar/unionized super-villains with a snake theme.
But they're all a very colorful cast of personalities and powers, so there's so much potential that can be done with them both in the comics and in  other mediums.

Now since it would take a shitload of Cap waves to finally feature most or all of them, I just figured I'd make it easy, and just devote an entire two waves to those members most deserving of being included.

Those who haven't been included on this list are those that have already been made, like Cottonmouth and the Constrictor. But there's plenty more popular members that haven't been made yet, like Cap's old squeeze, Diamondback for one.

Well I'm about to attempt to fix all that by giving Hasbro some free advice.

Serpent Society Wave 1:

1). Sidewinder

2). Diamondback

She's had some variations from her first look over the years, and I'd honestly be fine with either one just as long as we finally get an official Marvel Legends figure of her.

3). Black Mamba

4). Asp

5). Princess Python

6). Rock Python

7). King Cobra

We almost got him in that last Cap wave, but for some reason they pulled the plug at the last minute, and we got the Eel instead.
Let's remedy that Hasbro!

BAF: Bushmaster

I like his design, and the character himself. And as you can see for yourself, he really would have to be a build-a-figure in order to make sure he's realized fully.

Here's an example by way of a custom for a idea of how to execute his look.

Ideally you'd want that tail portion to be more flexible though.

Serpent Society Wave 2:

1). The Viper (Short-haired)

This figure really does need a redo after the horrible, fugly figure we got instead back in the late 00's.

It's time she had a figure made to do her justice.

2). Anaconda

3). Black Racer

4). Rattler

5). Coachwhip

6). Cooperhead

7). Death Adder

BAF: Puff Adder

Here's what we could be seeing....

So that's list. See any that didn't make the cut?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i'm here to destroy dat ass on dat ASP!

Dale Bagwell said...

You wouldn't be the only one broseph;)

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