Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dream Waves: New Mutants part 2

Hey people.

Been a week or more since my last post, and that's all due to undergoing yet another round of my stomachs favorite illness, food poisoning.

Basically my state, as well as the lower to mid-Atlantic states, were all hit by Hurricane Matthew. As a result, power was out starting from noon Saturday, to early Monday morning. Trust me, my area was very fortunate compared to others.
Anyway, I guess one of the microwave meals of mine I thought was still good from the power outage, wasn't, and I've been dealing with the ramifications ever since.

Doing a lot better now, but still on recovery road as of this post.

Did get some sweet swag though, in the form of three Marvel Legends figures; The Abomination BAF wave Captain Britain, The Space Venom BAF wave Electro, and from the newly released Dormammu BAF wave, Brother Voodoo.

Really impressed with how they turned out, especially the sheer size of Captain Britain compared to the first version, and that sweet, sweet Brother Voodoo figure. I'm glad we all finally have a chance to own one.

Now we just need one featuring his original look and a ghostly snap on addition of his dead brother to go with it.

Speaking of Marvel Legends figures, today I'm finally getting around to finishing out my ideal dream wave of New Mutants figures I started earlier this month.

The first wave contains most of the original team members, while this second, will feature the rest of the team, as well as important later additions and villains.

New Mutants Wave 2:

1). Magma

Ideally you'd want to feature an alternate set of body parts and a head to help really make her powers show.

2). Kitty Pryde

I had originally planned on placing Lila Cheney in this slot, but changed my mind. Despite there already being two Shadowcat figures out, we still don't have this iconic one or the one from her days in Excalibur.

3). Rictor
Like a lot of the later additions to the team, Rictor had has his fair share of horrible looks. Just down right fucking horrible. This was the only one I could stand. Just goes to show you folks, not all stereotypes are true.

Personally I still prefer this look of his overall:

4). Boom Boom

Damn I swear the 80's was not good to the New Mutants with all the horrible designs that somehow were allowed. It's like some of the artists either didn't care or wanted to forever date these characters in the then in vogue fashions of the day.  Boom boom, much like her fellow teammates, has often found herself saddled with bad looks. At this one's passable.

5). Legion

I still don't quite understand why we don't have a David Haller Legion figure yet, outside of his hideous design. Still, some modifications can still be made. I know I'd definitely include several alternative heads if nothing else to really play up his power set.

6). Black Queen Selene

In a perfect world, we'd have already been blessed with an official Hellfire Club box set. But since we haven't, the very deadly and fucking hot Selene gets a spot on this wave for being such an influential and formidable opponent for the New Mutants.

7). White King Magneto

Yes folks, Magneto actually did wear this outfit for awhile back in the day, especially when he took over as official headmaster of Xavier's school. 

Still, while there's a few other looks I'd like to get made eventually, this one is very much appropriate to the times back then.
BAF: Demon Bear

I don't know how the sculptors over at Hasbro would handle designing this beast, but they would really have to bring it to do this guy justice.

And that ladies and gentlemen, concludes my idea for two wave's worth of New Mutants figures for the Marvel Legends line.
If you have any suggestions or ideas, feel more than free to let me know.

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