Friday, October 07, 2016

Dream Waves: The New Mutants


Haven't done one of these in awhile, so here's another exciting edition of Dream Waves, where I blog about a dream themed wave of specific characters I'd like to see made for the Marvel Legends line of figures.

Today, I'm offering my suggestion for a New Mutants-themed wave.

Ever since they debuted in 1982, The New Mutants have earned themselves a heavily devoted following of fans that exist since then. And in all that time, the New Mutants haven't really been represented in action figure form, outside of a couple here and there.

Well today, I'd like to fix that by offering my suggestion for a New Mutants only themed wave in the Marvel Legends line.

New Mutants Wave 1:

1). Cannonball

Gotta' have the leader right? So you need Sam Guthrie in all his corn-fed, ah shucks glory. Probably be nice if they included some kind of propulsion effect to go along with him to mimic his mutant power.

2). Sunspot

Definitely need Sunspot. I'd include an alternate set of hands and a head to better mimic his black solar-powered form.

3). Danielle Moonstar

Should include her trademark illusion -casting arrows and bow.

4). Karma

I guess they could include an alternate head and especially a snap-on piece to mimic how she looks when she uses her powers.

5). Wolfsbane

Should come with an alternate head, hands and feet to better show off her wolf-transforming powers, oh, and none of that half-assed shit like we got with Cap-Wolf either.

6). Magik

Sure we got the modern version, but this calls for her New Mutants' look. She'll need her soulsword and some teleportation disks to come included with her.

7). Cypher

I hesitated to add him this round, especially since he's pretty generic-looking, but he is a key OG member, so....... Also he better come with Warlock skateboard too.
Just saying.....

BAF: Warlock

Now it already looks like we'll be getting a Warlock figure some time in the very near future, but I thought I'd include him anyways. He should come with a set of alternate hands and heads.

And that's just the first wave.
Next week I'll be showcasing Wave 2, and rounding out the rest of the team and some of their signature enemies and allies.

Have a good one.......


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

ya know i've read a few New Mutants issues over the years but i've just never been able to really get into them. as supporting characters i'm cool with them Bill Mantlo worked them into ROM Annual 3 story line really well. same goes for the first issue of the X-Men Micronauts mini-series it was cool seeing them try to take on Baron Karza by themselves even though they got their asses kicked.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah I can't say they really captured much of my attention either, even though they were more geared towards the younger crowd. Outside of an couple issues here and there, and a Marvel Team-Up with Spider-Man, I pretty much ignored them, which is doing a great disservice to those really classic stories about them.
I just preferred the X-MEN more really.

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