Tuesday, June 21, 2016

DC's Version of The Defenders

Happy Taco Tuesday!!!!

Thought I had a skit done in time for yesterday's post, but clicking on my blog, nothing.

While I work on this week's skit, here's a fun idea to mull over.

After sparking some ideas, I started thinking about what DC versions of established marvel teams would look like and vice-versa.

Today, I'm humbly presenting what I'd imagine the DCU version of The Defenders would look like:

1). John Constantine - Dr. Strange

This one really needs no explanation, as Constantine can and would clearly be the DCU counterpart to Dr. Strange.

2).  Swamp Thing - Silver Surfer (Alt. The Hulk)

I think John would personally recruit Swampy, since he trusts him, and he fits nicely as the earthly avatar counterpart to the more cosmic Silver Surfer. He could also serve as the counterpart to the Hulk as well, but I think he fits the Surfer's role better.

3). The Demon - The Hulk (Alt. The Beast/Gargoyle)

It doesn't get more duelistic than the Demon, when going for battling alter-egos, and thus The Demon and  Jason Blood perfectly fit the Hulk's role on the team.

4). Zatanna (Alt. I, Vampire) -  Namor

Zatanna should be an automatic in, and yet with her powers she'd be slightly redundant.  She could still take Namor's role as royal heir ,especially to a family and race of magic creatures like Zatanna is, so there is that. If not, Maybe Andrew Bennett, a.k.a. I, Vampire could fit the role instead.

5). Deadman - Hellcat

Deadman would be an automatic in for me on the team, so I guess the only role that would suit him, would probably be Hellcat's role. Plus their both athletic and deal with magic, so......

6). Black Orchid - Valkyrie 

I figure the Black Orchid could fit the role of the strong woman on the team, much like Valkyrie does, so that take cares of that.

7). Animal Man (Alt. Robotman/B'wana Beast/Shade The Changing Man)

This one might be a bit of a stretch, but I'm including Animal Man on the team. He fits the role of as a somewhat mainstream superhero, yet weird enough to justify hanging with this team of misfits. He'd basically have Nighthawk's role on the team, but without being the money to fund the group. Other suggestions would be Robotman from the Doom Patrol, B'Wana Beast, and/or Shade the Changing Man.

Associates/Other Members:

 -Phantom Stranger

-I, Vampire

-Frankenstein's Monster

So that's my take, and yes I know, a team like that already exists, and they're called the Justice League Dark, but hey, it's not my fault they have a similar line-up.

So, what would yours be if you planned on creating your own Defenders team with DC characters?

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