Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Hallelujah, It's Raining Toys!!!

Happy Hump Day!!!!

So I'm still waiting for the latest Civil War-inspired wave of Marvel Legends figures to show up, as well as the two Walgreen's' exclusives, an updated Namor figure and a Jim Lee-inspired Punisher figure. Usually where I'm located, I have to either go 30-45 minutes out of town, or be forced to buy them online from Amazon. And trust me, Walgreen's' is HORRIBLE for keeping up with new and upcoming figures and stocking them accordingly since it's not a priority item for them.

But recently there's been a new announcement about what  the upcoming X-Men wave of ML figures.
They just revealed that there'll be an eight figure in the wave, an updated brown and orange costumed Wolverine.

He's not bad, and those they don't already have the first ML version, will probably no doubt be glad to add him to their collection. Personally, they could've used a character that hasn't had their own figure yet, but it's cool. No biggie.

Than they revealed who the wave's BAF is.

Yup, the Juggernaut.

Now there's been two previous ML versions made, one in back in Toy Biz wave 6, and one through the Spider-Man side-series.

And there's the beast that is the Marvel Select version!!!!!

But now we're getting a third ML Juggernaut, and as soon as I saw him......I was let down.
To me personally, he just looks like a basic, cheaper, knock-off version of the MS Juggernaut figure. I mean the head's the exact same one as the MS version, It's straight up aped!!!!
So Idk if the same company that designed the MS one did the same for this figure, or if Hasbro just out and out copied it, but that's what it looks like.
Now supposedly it's pretty massive, but we'll see. It had better be since the others, excluding the Spider-Man wave one certainly were.
He's also clearly lacking the standard articulation we've gotten with the last few BAFs, as there doesn't seems to be any indication of an ab crunch, limited arm articulation, as well little to no articulation for the head. Don't think the helmet can be removed either.
So yeah, unless the released figure looks better what we're seeing, I'm not impressed.
The wave's available for sale online starting today, but won't be released in retail until July.

Then there's a rumor a 2nd X-Men wave being released as well, with a list of the possible figures making up the wave that might look a little like this:

- 630509502195 Shatterstar
- 630509502202 Colossus
- 630509502219 Polaris
- 630509502226 Sunfire
- 630509502233 Dazzler
- 630509502240 Cyclops
- 630509502257 Wolverine

I hope it's true 'cause I'd love to finally see a Polaris and Shatterstar figure show up in the ML line. as well as a proper Jim Lee-style Cyclops figure.

And then there's a full revealed Spider-man wave as well, with the revealed BAF:

Yeah, we're getting a Space Venom.

I don't personally care for that look, but he seems like he'll be a decent enough BAF for those that want him.
And we're getting a new, updated Electro. That's definitely not gonna' suck.

But wait, there's more.......
Apparently word's just came out about a 3rd Cap wave coming out on the heels of the recent one.
Wasn't supposed to get released until the fall, but is coming out in July, so this is pretty pleasant surprise.

No official word on he wave BAF, but it's heavily believe do to be a brand new Abomination figure, or the Rick Jones A-Bomb version. And a new Wonder Man figure is also rumored to be in this wave, but again nothing officially confirmed yet.
Their comics may have lost my interest, but goddamn if their figures have me like


The King of Thessaly said...

Is that an early Demogoblin-ish Hobgoblin??? AND Electro!!! Ohhhhhhh fuck...
Damn it, I like my money so much!

Dale Bagwell said...

Yup! I just found out recently that the new Hobgoblin figure comes with two heads, the reg Hobby head, and the demonic Hobgoblin head, so fuck yeah I'm more than sold.
And Electro has two heads as well; classic and the newer one from the Gauntlet storyline.

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