Thursday, June 02, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: X-Force VS. Brigade


Check it out folks, it's the first So, Who Would Win? of the month, and this week, I'm pitting two Rob Liefield-created teams against each, as X-Force and Brigade battle it out head to head to see who's the last 90's Liefield team-standing.

Now when it comes to team warfare, one of the main questions right off the bat is what does the roster look like? Who's all on the team? And if they've been around for awhile, which era roster do you choose? Both teams have had multiple line-ups between them, so their plenty of bodies to pick from.

Well for this particular battle I'm using the main classic line-ups from the early 90's.

So for X-Force:

-Cable (Telepathy, telekinesis, augmented strength)
-Domino (Luck powers)
-Warpath (Augmented super-strength, speed and stamina)
-Cannonball ( Impenetrable and explosive  force-field when in flight)
-Boom Boom (Can produce timed explosions)
-Shatterstar (Can channel shockwaves of energy through swords)
-Siryn (Sonic scream, flight)
-Feral (Claws)

And for Brigade:

-Battlestone (Super-strength, stamina, limited invulnerability)
-Boone (No powers, skilled fighter and weapons expert)
-Lethal (No powers, skilled fighter and weapons expert, can teleport)
-Kayo (No powers, skilled fighter and weapons expert)
-Seahawk (Flight, super-strength, healing factor)
-Coldsnap (Super-strength, cold-casting/projection)
-Thermal (Flight, heat powers)

Damn, that actually works where both teams are just about even as far the number of members go, with X-Force having a slight advantage with 8 members to Brigade's 7.

Now the thing I think is interesting, is that while all members of Brigade really don't have any qualms about killing, only 5 of X-Force's members, Cable, Warpath, Feral, Domino, and Shatterstar's have absolutely no qualms about killing, whereas I think Cannonball, Boom Boom, and Siryn would be hesitant to kill. That's an important factor for me when gauging the fight.

Also important to note, not only does X-Force outnumber Brigade, put power-wise it looks like it'll be a goddamn massacre considering three of Brigade's members have no actual powers. Now that doesn't always mean that's a straight up handicap, but considering the power-set X-Force has, Brigade ha more than it's work cut out for it.





Who Wins and Why?
Let me know who you think winds up becoming the last Liefield team standing.

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