Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Top 10: Team-Ups for The Comedian

Happy Hump Day!!!!!!

It's Monday evening as I'm writing this out, but thanks to the SyFy channel playing The Watchman movie on rotation all this past weekend, I'm definitely in a Watchmen state of mind, which I've further exacerbated by re-reading all of issue I have of the Before Watchmen comics DC out out in 2012.

I know I was initially very wary of them when I first heard DC was going back to the Watchman well with these series of prequels, but you know what? They still hold up for me, or at least the majority of them do.

Anyhoo, I've really been fascinated with The Comedian( and really, how can you not be) and I got to thinking, damn, he'd be a real interesting cat to pair up with with certain characters from other comic universes.

So, off the top of my head, I've devised a list of the Top 10 comic characters I'd love to see him forced to team up with, just to see how explosive those interactions would be.

10). Daredevil

The Comedian would most definitely play the role of the Punisher in the unique relationship he and Daredevil have, albeit a much older and possibly craftier version of Frank. But still fun to watch these two go at it though right?

9). Batman

I know, I know, it's cliched because its Batman, and also because Batman's encountered guys like The Comedian all throughout his over 75 year career. So yes, it's purely a childish wish, but  a fun one.
And hey, aren't these two fated to meet up anyways since the Comedian's supposedly one of the three Jokers? Here's a twist, what if, as a possible but unlikely scenario, the government hired the Comedian to dress up as the Joker as a means of keeping tabs on Batman or whatever clandestine reason they would have for hiring a government black ops guy as a very well-known psychotic mass murderer? I'd love to see Johns' explanation for involving Eddie, but alas, that's in maybe-someday-land.

8). Wolverine

Again, this dream scenario  pretty much sells it self doesn't it?
I'd love to see the back story to their inevitable shared history. Both doing time as government black ops operatives, doing spook work, oh yeah, writes itself.
That and to see Eddie bust Logan's chops about his height and Canadian heritage by calling him "short stuff or runt, or that crazy canuck."

7). Ghost Rider

Chalk this one up to being strictly a novelty spot, but a fun one nonetheless, if only just to see Ghost Rider give Eddie the Penance Stare and see it works on him. Now that's a hell of a question.

6). The Winter Soldier

You know when I first saw The Winter Soldier and his overall look, I couldn't get over the visual similarities he shares with the Comedian. Bucky at this stage in his life, just looks like a lot like and resembles a much younger Comedian. Hell if anything, they could be/could've been what Bucky eventually becomes/became. Either way, if nothing else, I can see The Comedian being a very bad influence on Bucky, but damn it'd be fun as hell to watch.

5). The Punisher

I see a potential bromance with these two at first. I think The Comedian's outlook on life and understanding the brutality of it all, would mesh very well with Frank's worldview/outlook.
Of course, an understanding or something would and could develop, leading to flared tempers and a brief throw-down. But otherwise I see these guys getting along very well and establishing a very strong mutual respect and bond between them.

4). The Joker

This one pretty much sells it self. But seriously, how cool would it be to see the truest like reflections of the same coin right? These two both belief life's a joker, and that their the only ones in on that joke, and only very slightly different in how they realize that belief in very dark ways. The Comedian's may not be inherently evil like the Joker obviously, but he's not choir boy either.
But yeah, what a true study in dichotomy right?

3). Captain America

Ahh Captain America. Damn if this wouldn't be an interesting interaction. You just know The Comedian's going on Cap's nerves, and The Comedian (who, if you pretend, met Cap back in WW2 ) would quickly lose respect for him and start shit. Cap's got the edge with his shield, super-strength, etc, but damn would that be a fun one to watch.

2). Nick Fury

Damn if this doesn't have a possibility to be a friendship made in heaven.....if only for a little while.
I'm sure as very similar as these two are, and trust me, THEY WOULD BE, the Alpha Male mentality would rears its ugly head, and they'd be at each other's throats real quick.

Damn. Now that would be a hell of a fight. Just mano-y-mano, with just their wits and a small assortment of weaponry on them....fuck, this would make such an awesome potential mini-series.

1). Nuke

Fury and Eddie might bond over mutual respect, but these two would probably be a bromance for the ages, with each man encouraging the over to greater and greater depths of savagery and brutality....until it reaches such a level with Nuke going too out of control for even the Comedian's liking. But until that point, I couldn't even imagine the amount of carnage and destruction those two could and would leave in their wake.

Deathstroke the Terminator.

Oh these two just HAD to have met each other in some type of way, either as rival hit-men, or working together in some bad-ass adventure. This could definitely have the potential to be bromance, if not a strong mutual respect.

What about you guys? Any suggestions I didn't mention?


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Dale, did you get any emails from me yesterday?

Dale Bagwell said...

Unfortunately no. Don't know why. Try it again 'cause daddy's intrigued.

Dale Bagwell said...

Got 'em. E-mailed you back.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well it appears as for reasons i can't fathom my emails regardless of attachments or lack of just don't seem to make it to your yahoo address. i seem to remember us having had something along that problem before seems like nothing's changed. my trip went great no problems. as far as The Comedian goes i'm not really interested in any sort of team up what i would like to do is sic him on these islamic terrorist mother fuckers. i remember in that scene in Watchman when he was torching that VC guy. no more of this Holiday Inn stay at Gitmo and then let go only to find out they killed some Americans again.

Dale Bagwell said...

You don't get my responses? Damn, weird. I'm all for some of that Comedian action, oh yes. Just bought the figure too. Cost me 50$, but worth every penny.

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