Thursday, April 21, 2016

Top 5: Creators Who I'd Love To Have Worked on Green Lantern


In a feature I did awhile ago, I had a certain comic character in mind, and then thought of some comic creators that I was sure hadn't worked on that particular character.

Today I'm going with Hal Jordan, and here are 5 comic creators I'd love to see work or have worked on Green Lantern.....

5). Ray Bradbury

Who doesn't know the name Ray Bradbury? The man's synonymous with the term/genre Science Fiction, with works like The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, Something Wicked Comes This Way, and The Illustrated Man, Bradbury would be an ideal writer to tackle Hal's world. Just think of the sheer amount of characters and worlds he'd introduce into the GL Mythos. Would've been nice if he'd been given the chance if he was interested.

4). Harlan Ellison

I'm picking the notoriously cranky author Harlan Ellison due to his award-winning work on the original Star Trek series, specifically, his award-winning script for the famous ST episode "The City On The Edge of Forever." Ellison hasn't written much in the way of comics, other than a couple adaptations here and there like in Avengers and Daredevil, so I'd be damn curious to see what he'd do with a jet-jockey who became a intergalactic space cop.

3). Neil Gaiman

Anybody who's anybody knows who Neil Gaiman is, so with a guy like that, you know what to expect. What people wouldn't expect would be a one-shot or mini-series about Hal and the GLC written by Gaiman.

Years ago, when Gaiman submitted a proposal for a Superman/GL team up, it wound up in the back-burner for years until finally being released recently, as Superman/GL: Legend Of The Green Flame. Alas we still have yet to see a proper Gaiman story about Hal and the Corps by the same award-winning and immensely talented team that just gave us the last Gaiman Sandman story in awhile.

So for this one, I want the team of Gaiman and J.H. Williams. No one else will do. I mean shit, who wouldn't want to see Williams unique style applied to the GL mythos?

2).  Grant Morrison
Ok true, Morrison did write a Green Lantern with Kyle during his JLA run, and a one-shot story with Hal when he was the Spectre, but I want to see Morrison unleashed, in all his drug-influenced, Fractal-loving glory, dusting off the best of the Silver Age concepts, and lovingly modernizing them with unique spin.

1). Stan Lee/Jack Kirby

Dig if you will a picture.....of a Jack Kirby rendered Oa, the Guardians, and the many worlds Hal and his fellow Corpsmen patrol on a regular basis. Throw in some timeless (and hopefully not too dated) dialogue by Stan Lee, with an epic tale worthy of the Galactus Trilogy, and you too can smell what Mr. Morbid's cooking.

Bonus: Stan Lee/Steve Ditko

This would be early 1960's Steve Ditko by the way, but how cool would it have been if Ditko drew some of Hal's adventures? With his penchant for drawing thing and lanky characters, I can only imagine the many different types of aliens Ditko would've drawn.

 Honestly the main draw in Ditko for me, would be to see him render alien worlds in the same way he famously drew the many different dimensions we saw in Dr. Strange. Swap out Strange for Hal, and I guaren-damn-tee you he'd would've blown the minds of the DC faithful.

Alright kiddies, that's me for this week. Enjoy today and the rest of your week.

Next week, I'll be celebrating this blog's 900th post. Yup, #900 already. Damn time flies when you're having fun. I'm thinking reaching 900 should not only be a milestone for this blog, but also a turning point of sorts. For awhile now, I've wanted the skits and jokes to be edgier and dirtier to actually earn the Morbid part in the name Mr. Morbid. It's something I very much plan on doing, whether it works or not. So yeah, definitely not for the kiddies for here on out if I'm doing it right.

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