Saturday, April 16, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: The Taskmaster VS. Bullseye

Here's a match up I don't think we've ever seen yet, the Taskmaster duking it out with Bullseye.
Now I feel this is an interesting fight because both combatants aren't ridiculously super-powered. They're basically regular guys, with slight enhancements to put a few steps above your regular, non-powered criminal.

-Tasky has the ability to mimic any offensive or defensive move he sees, even if its just once, or photogenic reflexes as it's called. He's basically got the skills of heroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, and the Black Knight just to name a few, as well as sporting replicas of their weapons.

-Bullseye has the ability (not quite a mutant ability, but an innate skill nonetheless) to aim and throw an object, any object, at his desired target, no matter how near or far, with deadly, uncanny accuracy.
Add in an adamantium skeleton, and you can see why he's one of the best assassins in the MU money can by, and also why he's been such a big pain in Daredevil's ass.





Who Wins and Why?
Let me know who you think is the last man standing in this one.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

good match up, but too close to call. I always thought Taskmaster's "photographic reflexes" was a really cool power. by the way left a reply to your comment on the SS blog I think you'll like it.

Dale Bagwell said...

And a response on 4:20. Nice. Too close to call indeed. It really depends on prep time and any inside knowledge these two might know about each other. I'll take tasky for the win. If he's able to use all the abilities he's acquired, especially DD's, then he's got this.

Dale Bagwell said...

Nice articles. Still miss those spinner racks though.

Dan W said...

I have a confession, I always think about skipping an issue whenever Taskmaster shows up. he just bores me shyteless (except on Marvel vs Capcom)! So yeah I pick Bullseye - he never misses. By that Mantra alone, he's got to win huh?

Dale Bagwell said...

Color me surprised Dan my man, Tasky's plenty entertaining in my book, but different strokes and all;)
You'd think never missing(unless he's fighting DD) would cinch it, but I'm telling you, Tasky's got this in the bag.

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