Monday, April 18, 2016

"More Doom For Me To Poop On!"

Who else is hungry for some chicken?

By the way, this was inspired by the fact that for some weird reason this year, every time I clean my car, birds find it and shit on it. And when I say shit on it, I mean they SHIT on it! I'm sure it doesn't help that it's a white car, but fuck man, it's fucking redonkulous! I swear, I want to find the fuckers that are doing it and shit on them in their homes and see how they like it.
 What?  Don't judge me.


Dan W said...

Lol nice I like that even Negative Man is negative about modern Marvel - goes with the name I guess.

This skit was great - and double thumbs up for the comic prop. Nice touch mate!

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

totally had this posting title pinned as a Triumph The Insult Comic reference. seems i might have been wrong?

Dale Bagwell said...

Thx Dan. Glad you liked it. Yeah Larry's a smart guy I think. Plus the fact that hes seen his share of crazy shit, you gotta' step up your game i you wanna impress one of the OG members of DP.

Shlomo: You are correct sir. It is indeed a shout-out to one of his more famous sayings.
So who liked the amount of poop poor Cliff was sporting eh?;)

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