Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Talkin' 'Bout Toys!

Happy Hump Day!

So.....talking 'bout toys. Marvel Legends to be exact.

Just happened to luck out and find the other four of the ML Odin Wave I need to either complete the King Odin BAF, or the King Thor BAF.

 Since I just bought Captain Marvel and the Scarlet Witch, which comes with both heads, I guess I can swap 'em out at my leisure;)

The sucky part, as they're usually arises with these variants, is if you want both BAF's independent from each other, you'd have to shell out to buy an extra Hawkeye and Thor figures, so no go there.

Nope. Much like I do with those Swapable GL and RL figures, I just swap 'em out when I want to change things up without havibg to buy the sane figure again.

Now also coming down the pipeline very soon this year for future ML waves, are:

-ML Thanos BAF

Looks like we're getting Thanos as he currenlty looks as a BAF figure. Not bad, but lacks the different paint details and stuff that the better Marvel Select version has.
But the other big thing that jumps out at me, is finally getting a Batroc figure!

Holy Fucking Shit!(or Putain Merde Sainte! in French)

He may not have been one of THE villain figures that haven't been made yet that I wanted...but I'll get him just the same..Especially since he contains a much-needed BAF part.
Oh the skit ideas!!!!

Hellcat is another figure I'm surprsied they made, but am very glad they did. I think it's waaay past time she got her own figure.

We then get the Avengers 2 Cap figure, another IM figue, an Avengers 2 movie Hulk and slightly new Spider-Woman figure to round this wave out,
I guess this was rushed out before they had time to make a new Spider-Woman figure in her new costume....even though I could care less about her ugly new look.

But wait, there's more.....

-ML Hulkbuster BAF Wave.

This monster is the movie version of the famous IM Hulkbuster suit. It stands at about 9" tall.
And here;s some of the bvery cool figures that you'll have to buy to make him:

The Marvel Now version of Doc Strange. Not bad really. Me likie!

Not a bad figure, and improved on her previous outing.

Not a bad figure either, but probably peg-fodder.

Was the world asking for him? IDK, but I used to have the Toybiz Animated IM version.

Marvel Now Vision.
I don't know about you guys, but he looks fugly as hell to me. Just no.

Not a particularly bad figure either, just doesn't do it for me though.

Marvel Now Iron Man
Now this I want!

 That's coming this summer in time for the Avengers 2 movie hype.
As well as this.....

It's the Ant-Man Ultron Prime BAF(also coming out this summer)

This big bastard's also coming in at around 9" tall.

And here's the other figures needed to make him:

Movie-version Ant=Man
The movie suit's not bad-;ooking really. And now Scott Lang finally has own Ant-man suit for a change.

That's right folks, a 6' Giant Man figure that;s not a BAF.
This is his from his Avengers Academy days. Not bad.

A new Wasp
The head's much better on this newer figure, not to mention just a better body sculpt all the way around.

Tiger Shark
YESSS!!!!! Finally, we've gotten a much-needed and wanted figure in Tiger Shark. He's been on my Top Ten list for most wanted ML villain figurs for awhile now, and now he's here. Can't wait to snag him.

Bulldozer here rounds out the Wrecking Crew, and man he does he look fucking sweet!

Grim Reaper here is another guy on my must-have list. And he's sporting his iconic look, so I'm happy.

 And there's always more. Like these figures coming down the pike as well....

Misty Knight
No one's more suprised than me that she's been made into a figure, but I'm not complaining either. With her iconic afro and metal hand, she looks like how Foxy Cleopara from Goldmember wish she looked.

White Tiger
Another new female figure, and a nice looking one as well.
Let's hear it for diversity and equallity in the workplace folks, 'cause sisters really are doing it for themselves;)


Ah yes, the Hobgoblin BAF Wave.

I must have for that pretty cool Hobgoblin BAF, even though that Huberto Ramos' face is not as good as the first Hobgoblin figure released.

Still overall, not bad, and I'll take that Anti-Venom, New Spider-Man(he comes with half mask and pizza) and that new DD please!

 There's more waves coming, like an Age of Ultron exclusive 4-pack, Agents of SHIELD 4-pack, and more and if you're interested, you can always check out these toy news sites for all the latest info:



I'm gonna be so broke this year it won't even be funny.....but it'll be fun;)


Randomnerd said...

Hellcat!!! Oh my. I might have to start buying some more figures.
Did I tell you what happened to my kid flash? He died in my very own Final Crisis. Killed off by a mountain troll.
True story.

googum said...

I was having this weird feeling, that since Marvel and Fox are getting along as well as divorced parents, there isn't going to be new X-Men or Fantastic Four figures for who knows how long...but that may be what's getting characters like Misty Knight, Batroc and Hellcat onto the pegs. It's...kind of a fair trade.

I might even get all of that Hobgoblin wave, which just seems crazy. I have a horrible, horrible joke in mind for Anti-Venom that should be stopped.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Ging: Damn Ging:( That sucks.
Sooooo, no reboot for Wally then?

@Googum: Shit no man, share, SHARE!!! We're all about bad jokes here;)

I think overall it is. I mean how many times do we really need to see more Wolverine and FF figures?

If they're absence, much like how it was in the comics circa '97, allows more B-/C-list characters to be made, I'm all for it.

I plan on getting that Hobgoblin Wave as well, but I really don't want t have to buy that Ultimate U Spider-Woman figure though:(

Randomnerd said...

Not unless I can find a really strong glue.

Dale Bagwell said...

Might wanna' use some of that Ret-Con glue with the extra-CRISIS strength formula;)

Randomnerd said...

They discontinued it when the NU52 took over.
Damn Didio.

Dale Bagwell said...

Well damn:(

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