Thursday, February 12, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: The Black Panther VS. The Bronze Tiger


So yesterday I finally got my new ML Odin Wave figures from Amazon.
I was supposed to get them Tueday, but for some weird reason the UPS man either forgot or couldn't find my house.....despite most likely having a GPS in his truck.

Don't they all have one of those anyways?

Anyhoo, they arrived, and they look Marvelous!

I'm so glad to finally have a ML-scale and articulated Hawkeye figure now,
and I don't have to tell how many shades of awesome it is to own a Machine Man action figure.
Didn't think that'd happen as soon as it did, but I'm glad nonetheless.

With his snap on extended arms, I have someone else for the Elongated Man and Mr. Fantastic to long-distance fist bump now.
That last sentence may or may not actually be as cool as it was intended to sound;)

Who watched Arrow last night?

Another pretty damn solid episode right?
The writers are finally attempting to make Laurel actially useful, and not just as a piece of constantly whining eye candy.
I hope after last night, and from here on, she'll be more worth watching and and actually add something to Team Arrow.

Did not expect Ollie to reveal to Thea that he's Green Arrow. Sure, it's probably long, long, overdue, but still...
At least she knows now, about everything and everybody, so no more secrets. I just hope it doesn't bite everybody in the ass in the long run though.

So, back to the island it seems. I figured Nanda Parbat, but nope. Instead it's back to creepy island, where Ollie and Thea are going do some brother-sister bonding while getting tough
Well, at least they're won't be a Rocky-esque montage happening....right?

And oh, who's this? Deathstroke returns you say?
Sooooo, does that mean they're gonna' fight him and then re-imprison him....or do will they be forced to finally kill him? You know since they're having to get all touch and shit in order to better fight Ra's Al Guhl....
I guess we'll see next week.

And now onto this week's exciting edition of So, Who Would Win?
Today I've pitted the Black Panther against the Bronze Tiger in a fight to determine who's the better fighter.

Yeah I know, I'm not the first guy to wonder about what a match up between these two would look like, but I'm running with it anyways.

We all know how both guys are very formidable fighters.

Panther's strong enough to wrestle a full-on charging rhino, yet skilled enough as a fighter to hang with the likes of Shang-Chi and Iron Fist.

Plus he's the king of his own nation(well not anymore in the comics lately) so he has crazy access to all kinds of resources.

Bronze Tiger is also a very, very skilled fighter.
While he may not possess the amount of strength that BP has, he's still no slouch by any means.
The dude beat Batman in straight up fight.


'Nuff said.

I'd say he's very much even-steven with T'Challa when it comes to strategy and leadership.
After all, they've both had stints as team BP's a king, so again, there's that.


The Black Panther


The Bronze Tiger

Who Wins and Why?
I'm curious to see myself who you guys pick for the winner.

Have a good weekend folks.....


The King of Thessaly said...

That Machine Man is fuckin' DOPE!!! Ohhhhhh, man- I am SO jealous! I was just reading some of my X-51 comics the other night too... So dope.

I saw Arrow (of course!) and yeah- I LOVED the twist of how Speedy handled the reveal. Instantly understanding. It was amazing- the most selfless that character has EVER been. Total shock- and made me go "Awwwwwwwww!"
I love, love, love Katie Cassidy as Canary FINALLY! And I am overjoyed about her costume. Especially them not putting black makeup around her eyes under the mask! THANK YOU.
I have hated the Laurel character from the start (she was always pretty worthless) but after I saw The Scribbler I really got behind Katie Cassidy as an actress- I'm glad they are finally giving her something to work with!

Who wins? T'Challa. T'challa always wins!

Dale Bagwell said...

He really is. I just wish his legs extended too. I saw somone customized a MM figure to do just that.

I definitely did not expect her to be so cool with it too, especially afteer losing her mom and the other shit that's been goig on. But then, she iitially hid the fact that she was hanging out with her dad too, so....

Yeah Laurel's finaly looking useful. About time. I hope she'll cut down heavily on the whining now.

So one for BP. Noted;)

googum said...

Damnit! Saw Iron Fist, Hawkeye, and Sentry today--but I want all the others first! All or nothing on this wave!

And Panther in two rounds: too many tricks up his sleeves for Tiger to beat.

karl said...

those are stunning figures, bit jealous right!
Wish they would kill off that Thea on Arrow, sure shes a fine sort but I don't like the bratty sister routine.
As for who would win your bout it would have to be the Black Panther, hes sneaky enough in a Batman kinda way and a lot tougher than most people think.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Googim: Lol I hear ya' man.
I've been hunting down these figures, only to find out yesterday they're in stock in the Target(and probably Toys R US) in the first place I looked for them.
If I have enough $ left this month, I might go up there, bc I really want the Captain Marvel figure, follwed by the much better sculpted Scarlet Witch figure, and then maybe IF and Sentry.

2, now 3 for T'Challa.
I gotta agree though. He's stronger(by a lot) and overall more resourceful fighter. That's not to say Ben wouldn;t gve him a hell of a fight, bc I know he would. I just don't see any other outcome other than BP winning this.

@Karl: I feel that way about Laurel, but she's improving after witht his and hopefully future episodes.
Thea too, and now that she knows her brother's Arrow, I'm hoping she too matures and proves to be more of an asset than an ass.

Totally agree with you on BP, plus he's not on a first name basis w/youur favorite superhero team;)

Appreciate all of you guys taking the time to come out and comment. Thx guys:)

Randomnerd said...

The only way BT would win is if someone over at DC was writing it and retconned T'Challa. Otherwise, the creepy dude grabs it out from under him.
Probably literally.
And Painfully.

Dale Bagwell said...

I feel sorry for Agent Tiger now, seeing as his guy has become hoplessly out-voted;)

Like I said, it won't by any means be an easy fight, but a long one.

But in the emd, T'Challa's got this one in the bag.

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