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Back-Issue Spotlight: Incredible Hulk#313(Vol.1)

Happy Hump Day People

Speaking of hitting, today I'm dong a quick review of a classic issue of the Incredible Hulk, Issue 313.

The Incredible Hulk#313 (Vol. 1) (Nov '85)  "Hook, Line, & Sinker!" By Bill Mantlo, Mike Mignola(yes, that Mike Mignola) and Gerry Talaoc.

For those not in the know, this the last issue of the Hulk's "Crossworld Saga" from Mantlo.
Dr. Strange was forced to sentd the Hulk into the interdimensional gateway called the Crossworlds when Hulk transformed into the Savage Hulk.

with no other choice, sort of killng him, Dr. Strange banished the Hulk.
For 13 issues this new direction allowed Mantlo to go the fantasyLoTR route, exploring a different and twisted world that reflected his own fractered pyche.

At this poinr in the story the Hulk and Bruce were separated because Bruce supposedly died as a result of gicing himself over totally to the control of the Hulk.

Bruce is free-falling through the interdimensional void that looks like a bad trip straight outta' of Space Odessy 2001.

Raging over being stuck like possibly until he dies.....Brice rages.....
and returns into his own personal hall again...the Incredible Hulk.

The Hulk gets tagged by an unshakable energy-line. Understandably freaked out by this, Hulk runs from different world to different wold on the crossworld.


Until another soul arives and fights Bruce to inhabit the Hulk's body.
That Soul;

 Walter Lankowski., a.k.a., Sasquatch from Alpha Flight.

Yup, Mantlo had recently takeover the wrotting position from John Bryne, and writting both book at the time.

Thus the ending to this issue directly affects the beginning of Alpha Flight#29.

So Bruce decides to let a displaced Sasquatch takeover the Hulk's body, effectively freeing Bruce from the curse.

But is it happens, something goes wrong. Horribly wrong.
Oh, and the Beyonder. Yeah he shows up too.

Snag a couple of this and Alpha Flight#29 for cheap, proably at the quarter bins to find out what happened.

Also you can also pick of a copy of the whole "Crossworld Saga"  available now in trade.

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