Thursday, February 05, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: The Demon Vs. Ghost Rider(Johhny Blaze)


In keeping with yesterday's theme a bit with devils and the number 666, I've decided to go match up what I think would be an intetresting duel between two popular demonic-like "heroes."

So for this week's edition of So, Who Would Win?, I'm piting Jack Kirby's The Demon against Ghost Rider.

You gotta' admit, it's not that odd of a match-up really.

After all both characters have to deal with sharing their respective bodies with a human host; Etrigan shares his body with Jason Blood....

..... while the Ghost Rider persona has shared its existance with many human hosts, most notably Johnny Blaze.

The Demon does seem to probably be the more powerful of the two, but Ghost Rider's no push over in the power's department either.


The Demon


Ghost Rider

Who wins and why?
You know what to do. Let me know you feel should win.

Finally, I got some Swag Tuesday.

I found a store in Columbia SC, called 2nd and Charles.
They sell new and used, books, games, movies, toys and comics. Lots of 'em...and trades too.

So I bought the infamous Bratpack trade by Rick Vietch.
Then #'s 2, 3, and 5 of Batman: The Return Of Bruce Wayne, Just Us: Multiversity, #4 of Aquaman: Time and Tide(so now that collection's complete), #3 of JSA: The Unholy Three, Almost all the parts to the famous Venom storyline in LOtDK, which first introduced the drug Venom(and for only a buck a piece! Can't beat that) , Batman: Brotherhood of the Bat one-shot, Justice League Europe#16, and Detective Comics#19(NU52)(the big 80-pager that sold for $7.99, but i only paid 2 bucks for it)
Earlier that day, I bought at a comic store in the same town, where I picked up Multiversity: Thunderworld and the Multiversity Guide book. If you haven't already, pick it up!
Sure the $7.99 price tag stings a bit, but it's very worth it, with the guide being Morrison's version of the old Who's Who, complete with a story that sets it all up.
Get it people. Solid stuff.

That's me for this week.
Take it sleazy......

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