Thursday, May 08, 2014

So....Who Would Win?: Dr. Doom Vs. The Red Skull


Sweet lord, it's the return of So, Who Would Win....?

Today's combatants:

Dr. Doom:


The Red Skull:

You guys already know the deal about these two, or you damn well should by now.
Doom's main strengths are his mind, his armor(and the never-ending stream of gadgets contained within) and his dark magic skills.

Red Skull is a normal, but severely fucked up individual, who's equally as cunning and resourceful when it comes to strategy.

They both have no problem with using others as pawns to fight their fight for awhile, as history's shown us.

In the end it comes down to the main flaw for both men: Pride/Ego.
Who's is bigger? Who's ultimately will be the other's downfall?

My money's on Doom, but that's me.

Let me know who you think would win in a duel between the two would-be conquerors in the comments section.

That's me for this week. I'm outta' here.......


The King of Thessaly said...

Doom wins, for sure! He's like the Batman of super-villainy. His only foil is that blasted RICHARDS!!!
Dude wished away his ability to feel guilt!
-Doom is prepared for any and everything... except that cursed RICHARDS!!! Skull is just power-hungry mad with no real plan except to be powerful. He even had the cosmic-cube and fucked it all up. Magneto even schooled him...

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Oh man, I still have those issues, Cap#365-366. One of my favs from that era, especially since it was under the Acts of Vengeance banner, and Magneto was kind of a hero at that point.

He even had Prof. X's brain and powers....and STILL FUCKED IT UP!

Doom's only true nemesis: Luke Cage. "Where's my money honey?"

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

this would be the coolest show down since Magneto's confrontation with the Red Skull. as the son of parents who were European gypsies Doom would have nearly as much reason to despise nazis as Magneto. crafty and intelligent as he is The Red Skull just isn't quite at Doom's level.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: Right? I don't why they haven't clashed more often, And yet it seems for some weird reason they team-up/work together way more than they should given the circumstances.

Doom would so fuck up Herr Schmidt, it wouldn't even be funny....except it would. It really, really would.

karl said...

This is a difficult one really, even tho Doom would win out for me after being such a hardcore FF fan.
Doom and Red Skull are just as devious as each other, and also likely to have other pawns do their business for them. They both have back-up plans and contingency emergencies for when it goes tita up, so any scheme involving them would invariably go to a draw - over and over again.
Their feud in Super-Villain Team-Up has credence to this, the endless one-upmanship going on between them makes them oddly ideal opponents.
What might give Doom the edge would be his actual well-constructed plans for world domination whilst Skull just wants to stir racial shit up and hate for hates sake. Nothing beats a good plan.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

postings like this remind me of this awesome show on Spike TV called The Deadliest Warrior where these guys feature these hypothetical match ups such as a ninja vs a Spartan Warrior, the Mafia vs the Yakuza, CIA vs KGB and even al-qaeda vs Somali pirates. my two favorite episodes was the Ninja vs Spartan and of course

Dale Bagwell said...

@Slomo: You had me at that first line-up! Thx, for the link;)

@Karl: You summed it up perfectly
Both don't truly give a fuck about anything other than themselves. Doom's weird honor wouldn't even be a factor in this one.

Spy vs. Spy shit right here.

Anonymous said...

Doom, definitely. Red Skull's just a Nazi general with a messed-up face. Doom is a time traveling magician with an overpowered suit of armor and thousands of powers.

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