Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bill Cosby Blues

You know we got 'em. Dos, Bill Cosby Blues......

The End

I do believe I'm going to start using that last pic in future skits. You know, to further illustrate the ridiculousness of whatever crazy-ass scenarios take place.

Plus, its been awhile, too long, since the DP was showcased don't you think?;)


karl said...

Dunno about the sketch but those Doom Patrol figures are fucking unbelievable! Especialy the Robotman one, man I want one more. I don't know why I should love the DP as theyr often so lame but I do, I do...wonder if DC ever made any of the other replacements like Tempest, Celsius or Negative Woman or Danny the Street? Thatd be intense.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: It's a riff off a stand-up bit from Bill Cosby from waaaaaaay back in '81. Plus, what parent hasn't used that threat in some shape or form at one time or another.

They are cool as fuck aren't they? I've got to use Rita more. I hadn't had her in sooo long, I sometimes forget I have her.

Danny the street figure.....That'd be all sorts of awesome, plus Flex Metallo, The Scissormen, Mr. Nobody and the Brotherhood of Dada, and of course the Vegetable-Element-Mineral man!

googum said...

I had a friend that swore his dad used to always tell him, "You can be replaced in nine months."

Borderline abusive dad, or Cosby fan?

Dale Bagwell said...

@Googum: Both? Usually a good option to choose both in this case;)

Dan W said...

Spider-Man would be a great member of the Marvel U Doom Patrol - especially if you used early days Spidey. What a different life that would be.

I think my next favourite league members are Metamorpho, Dr Light and Elongated Man. They were only the DP with Gar for a few issues but man they clicked well.

karl said...

Ive just heard that Element Woman - from the recent pages of Justice League - will be one of the new members of the Doom Patrol when they return this summer. she's basically the new Nu-52 version of Metamorpho and I think she'll fit right in.