Thursday, November 28, 2013

So, Who Would Win....?: Man-Thing VS. Swamp Thing

Happy Thanksgiving people!

Yes folks, today just happens to be the Thanksgiving Day edition of The House Of Fun.

The Turkey's been stuffed and sliced, the gravy made and the pumpkin pies baked;
The vegetbles have been served, grace said, and and all are waked.
The first course has been served and now our bellies are full;
The wine's all drunk and now off we go to a slumberous lull.
Weep not if you happened to miss out on the very first servings;
'Cause there  really is no shame for first come, first served is well deserving.
There's plenty more to be had, maybe too much I say;
Another round of turkey later, and I'm off to hit the hay.

Yeah, I made that up on the spot;)

Okay, so time for a Thanksgiving rumble worthy of those NFL pastime games, as we look at two combatants that both look like over-cooked leftovers so how appropriate right.



Swamp Thing........

I'm pretty sure this match-up has long been thought and fought over ever since the two were introduced back in the crazy 70's.

On one side you have former scientist Ted Sallis, who died while trying to re-formulate the Super-Soldier serum against (depending who's written him and how you look at it)

 former scientist Alec Holland, who likewise was working on a formula, but a bio-regenerative one.

Both met with unfortunate accidents, and became/mutated into muck monsters of the swamp.
Now personally, this one could go either way. And by that I mean, they either fight it out like two monsters from a bad Godzilla movie, or Swampy and Man-Thingy sit and talk/communicate telepathically and compare notes about how shitty their lives have turned out.

I mean really, power-wise there are only slight differences; who evers knows fear litterally burns at the touch of the Man-Thing. Plus he is(or was the last time I checked) the guardian of gateway to the nexus of all realities. Plus super-strentgh and regenerative abilities.
Swampy has the same deal in the strenght and regenerative department, plus can communicate with all plant life(and maybe all life as well) as well as communicate with the Paraliment of Trees for extra knowledge should he need it.

So mostly similar, but enough differences to make it interesting.


Man Thing VS. Swamp Thing. Who wins and why?

Btw, I picked Barry Allen as the overall winner from last week's battle bewteeen Barry and Wally.
I look at it like this; Barry edges out Wally overall in the experience and intelligence department. Plus he is the freakning Speed Force! Through an interesting paradox, he created the the lighting that gave him his powers and Wally's, and by some weird extension, every other speedster that in turn gets his/her powers from same said Speed Force.

Now of course I prefer Wally over Barry since he's the Flash I grow up on. I'd even argue personality-wise he's the better and more intersting Flash. Why? Because Wally as a character was what we call dynamic. He started off as a kid sidekick, took over the mantle but was still an immature ass, and at the end, matured enough to truly earn the mantle and became a family man. That's an arc we all saw develop over time. Barry really never had that range of development.

Ok folks, that's it for me. Again, I hope you and yours are having a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Have a safe hoilday and a good/great weekend:)


Dan W said...

Sorry this one to me is a cakewalk in favour of Swamp Thing. Fear burns Man-Thing and Swampy has seen and can pull out his share of terror. Transplanting the battle to Rot World, he and Justice League Dark would roast mellows over MT's terrified corpse. Or he could just seize control of the plants that make up Man-Things body and rip time to shreds. Abigail cheering on the sidelines.

I vote mellows, everyone likes mellows.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: Hmmm. Good point Dan. Plus the way Swampy can communicate with plants and all, he should be able to take out Manny just by that process alone. I wonder though, since Manny's essentially a cypher, as in he merely reacts based off other people's emotions, then would he be too calmed down or intrigued to even fight Swampy?

Hell yeah everybody likes mellows. Why wouldn't they, the sick bastards;)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

yeah I gotta give the edge to Swamp Thing. his ability to transfer his consciousness into a body he can grow anew almost instantaneously gives him the advantage. but this is a great match up and not one that's easily decided in one round. there are so many good story lines that could be written for that show down. one other thing ST still has his intellect where as MT is all instinct.

karl said...

Couldn't pick between either of them, though Swamp Thing prob stokes it with the supernatural elements.
Back when Bernie Wrightson was drawing this comic, I thought he was female cause we had a girl at school called Bernadette who always wanted to be called Bernie. Silly tale I know!
Wrightsons art was stellar though, very creepy, he was one of those 'hippy' new wave artists DC recruited at the mid-70s like Dick Dillon who drew JLA was. I always associate him with horror comics, really.

googum said...

Arrgh, now I wanna read the old What The--?! issue where "Swamp Thang" and "Man-Thang" fight. Swampie in two, since Manny always makes me a bit sad. (Plus, in Marvel-Florida, you're more likely to run into Man-Thing than a retiree!)

Randomnerd said...

I have to throw it to Swampy too. For all of the above reasons, plus if by some chance Man-Thing does pull ahead, it would seriously piss off the Parliament, and they'd push some kind of wicked punishment on him. So even if Manny wins, he loses.
Kind of the story of his life already, though.

I'm snagging your Thanksgiving poem, and saving it. Way to pull it out of your kool-aid, Mr. Bard.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: I hear ya man. Just seems like a natural choice right?

@Karl: He defintiely was the horror king of the 70's. I'd love to see him or Mike Ploog(remember him folks?)the current art team on SW and maybe Ariel Oveletti.

@Googum: Wait, they did? Well shit of course they did, how they could they pass that up. Know I gotta' go find it. Thx;)
And so true on the last bit, especially when Gerber was writing the thing, except for that one story about the Mad Viking. Now that was one cranky-ass grampa!

@Ging: Go for it, it's yours if you want:)

So it looks like a shut-out with Swampy favored to win by the majority. Poor Man-Thing indeed. Must be the name;)

Swifty the Spacebird said...

Swamp thing and man thing had a lot in common both live in a swamp and were once scientists as well and then something went wrong

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