Monday, November 25, 2013

"My Two Dads"

Ready for the Holidays? Yeah me neither. Fuck em'.
No seriously. I don't see why the rush for Christmas to be here already with all these pre-Thanksgiving sales and all.
Sure I'd like for the year to be over too, but damn retailers! Can we not acknowledge that it's still technically Fall?

Anyhoo, here's some free laughter to help you out in between trying to figure out who sits next to who on Turkey day and what gifts to get on the cheap....

The End

Ummmm, don't ask, don't tell, and it could happen?;)


karl said...

Don't ask? Ok I wont.
Wont tell? Nothing to tell, really.
You always pull out? Well, theres ya problem right there. Go as far in as you can and never puul out until you've thouroughly emptied yourself. I swear I shtupped my ex so much that I practically changed her blood group with all the cum I filled her with, so much so that if she ever got preggers she wouldn't know who the mother was, never mind the father, but then she always was a stupid c***. Don't know if Daredevil ever got anyone preggers and just hope it wasn't anyone associated with Spidey's exes as they all seem cloned, mad or plain rebooted, that's when theyr not going out with Doc Ock or revealing they had twins by the Goblin, even thought he never fucked them once, never mind even looked twice at them.
Don't even talk to me about Christmas [the REAL 'c' word imo!] and Thanksgiving. Next week [the 5th] it'll be our first year since our mom passed away, and you can imagine how awful Xmas was three weeks later. Not to be a downer but we'd sooner be out of it yet again this year.
If Spidey and Daredevil want a sidekick to swing thru some rooftops for the festive season, Im up for it.
But then Im always 'up'.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: "..........."
Good on ya' for messing up your ex's blood?;)

As for the holidays this time of year, yeah I could really leave it, and skip the whole last motnths of the year. Nothing good really happens on those two months anyways, unless it's a really good year that year.
That being said, I guess we really should be thankful what we do have rather than what we don't. But yeah, this time of year blows...and not in a good way like your ex's;)
Cheers Karl:)

Randomnerd said...

I'm not putting up a damn Christmas decoration until after Thanksgiving. Screw the rest of the houses on my block. I do, however, already listen to Christmas music. I do that all year 'round. :)

So Daredevil carried the baby? Is that how that would work? You'd think he would have heard his own sonogram.

Dan W said...

Lol @ Random's 'sonogram' that is a brilliant point. Talk about ultrasound. One spider-web bassinet to order!

'Did your heart skip a beat Pete because of me or is Hobgoblin flying round?'

In kiwland we don't have thanksgiving. We just kind of wonder why tv folks place two gift giving holidays so close together. We can hardly cope with one! Still, any time a roast is offered I'll be there plate in hand. Then when the dishes come I'm gone like Nightcrawler - Bamf!

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: We already talked about the abomination that baby would turn out to be due to their radioactive blood, but yeah, blind retardted spider-baby......wrapped up in a HOT POCKET!!!!:)

@Dan: You guys are lucky then, 'cause only capitalistic-loving Americans dare to pull that shit off. It's all a scheme I tell's ya.
As for buggering off when it's time to clean the dishes, damn dude. Not cool, not cool at all, ha ha.

I guess that also mean I don';t have to wish you a happy thanksgiving then..but I will anyways mate;)

Christian Zamora said...

Now, this is fun :)
Gotta add you to my blogroll now that I'm updating things.

Dan W said...

Likewise to you mr Thanksgiving having dude.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Christian: Thank you, and please do. I promise you won't regret it....much;)

@Dan: Like-wise my to you again mate;)

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