Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Top 5 Songs: Gorilla Grodd edition


Wow. Where to to start. Well a few of you know I've had computer problems since last week. Well my C-Drive shit the bed, and I lost all my files. Let me repeat that, I lost ALL MY FILES. That means all my pictures, music, porn, and anything and everything else....all gone. So I'm currently using a backup drive from a good friend of mine in the meantime. I wish I could point out a particular thing I did, or than you know, smacking the laptop, but that didn't do. I think;)

Anyhoo, all this once again reinforces the practice of always saving your work and files if you have the room.
And also, I'm going to start having a reduced presence as far as this goes. From now on, I'll be on the kind of schedule that Shlomo or Omega Agent keep, not everyday, but often enough to not wonder where the hell I've gone.

So that's where we stand. I'll now return you to what was supposed to be last Thursday's post already in progress.....

So I bought the new DC Unlimited Planet X Batman yesterday. You guys know who that is right?
It's the Batman of Zur-Ar-Nah, or Planet X from the 1950's, and whose identity was brought back by Grant Morrison during the whole Batman: R.I.P story-line a few years back.

Well this guy looks amazing, front paint and sculpt to detail and the standard articulation deal. Plus he has his trusty warped baseball bat and a darker, repainted Bat-Mite. This Bat-Mite sports a slightly different face than the previous one, but is still cool as fuck.
So yeah, super glad to own him.

And now onto today's edition of the Top 5, as it's being guest-hosted by that psychotic, mind-manipulating carnivore, Gorilla Grodd.

Take it away Mr. Grodd....

"Greetings you hairless sacks of meat, it is I, your superior in all things, Gorilla Grodd.
For some inexplicable reason, I've been chosen to guest host this week's edition of the Top 5. Well don't get used to it human scum, because such guest-hosting is utterly beneath Grodd.

"So it appears that today's band choice is the British Pop Rap group, The Gorillaz.

"Are you being serious right now? Seriously right? The Gorillaz? Honestly?

Right. So here are the Top 5 songs from this horribly and quite offensively -named band, The Gorillaz:

5). "Feel Good Inc."

If that insane laugh track doesn't get you going, the rapping and back beat to this dance track song definitely will. This is one of their songs that also quickly found itself as the soundtrack of many commercials upon its release. Good for the pretenders, hurrm.

4). "19-2000"

Apparently this song was so popular it was used in several commercials around the time this song was released. As catchy as it maybe, it's still primitive human music to me, and thus offends Grodd.

3). "Gravity"

Not a bad melancholy song, that speeds things back up with some heavy base thrown in there like an empty banana peel.  Hmm,"Gravity" indeed. Perhaps I or my associates in the Secret Society should show these fools the true perils of gravity.

2). "Tomorrow Comes Today"

Had a bad day puny humans? Tired of your shallow and empty lives? Maybe you should listen to this song then. It'll feed you all the false hopes and promises of a better day ahead....for whatever good it'll do you once Grodd reigns supreme!!!!!
But yes, not a bad song. Not bad at all.

1). "Clint Eastwood"


This would be the song that launched the Gorillaz's careers in the first place. With a pleasing low-tempo-ed beat even Grodd could move his massive frame to,  Clint Eastwood was and still is, a massive hit with you disgusting, hairless mammals.

I hope you enjoyed this little exercise in humiliation for me and my ape-kind. I promise you retribution for this is coming fast and hard!!!

What!? What's so funny? Because I said "fast" and "hard"? Really?
For such insolence, you'll be the first human I kill and eat, but I'll do it very slowly. Very slowly.

Grodd out.


Tiger OA1 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tiger OA1 said...

Nooooo man, I was talking about Grodd and Ultron being dumb asses for hating humans. You know Ultron really just wants his father (Hank Pym) to love and accept him and Grodd wants humanity to love and accept him for his genius.

So when they don't get the acceptance they go on a killing spree.

googum said...

How much porn are we talking lost?

I really need better backups myself. My computer's disk drive ate my girlfriend's Windows backup CD the other day. Crunched it into little pieces. Never seen that before...

Dan said...

Sorry to hear about all your files going down the crapper mate, jeez I would've cussed out the entire neighbourhood if that happened to me (Backs-up as he types).

Any who, hope it doesn't take you too long to get back on your feet, porn and all.

As for the Gorrilaz, I'm just gfoing to chuck one other song in the mix - DARE. It starts every cardio session I do in my playlist, and despite being so associated with torture, I still dig it outside of excercise too. Something has to be good when that happens huh?

Dale Bagwell said...

Omega: yeah, no I totally agree with that statement. You'd think they'd just accept that need and get on with it, but nooooo, they have to be all Mr.Stubborn Pants about it.

Thx for stopping by TOA1;)

@Googum: Well since we're all adults(well mostly adults) about maybe 20,000 pics, plus some random clips? Believe it or not, that was the bulk of the stuff taking up precious space, not to mention the near 1,200 free and illegally downloaded songs on there as well.

I had way too much to back-up, and thus paid the price for my greed.

So yeah, also back-up your files kids.

I have to say the sight and sound of that CD getting crunched like that would've gotten a WTF, followed by some laughter, although I'm sure Stacy probably wasn't too pleased with that. I guess you can always blame it on Sam...you know, just 'cause;)

@Dan: Thank you man, and yes there was serious cussing, and near destroying of the laptop going on.

But as I said, I can find a good portion of the pics and music I lost, even my created pics, I just have to surf my FB page and here for 'em. And porn never goes anywhere, we all know that;)

I need to look that song, DARE up then, since it sounds really promising. Thanks for the suggestion, and for stopping by mate:)

Randomnerd said...

You didn't slap the laptop? Not even while watching all that porn? ;)
I've never really listened to the Gorillaz, I'll have to check them out. But I'm sure Grodd has issues with the way they spell their name

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