Tuesday, April 02, 2013

"Old Man Logan"

What's up people?
Welcome to the 350th edition of Mr. Morbid's House of Fun!!!!!

Today's skit is another one of those ones where I have a comic character sing song lyrics to a classic rock song, or any song I'd think would be funny to picture him or her singing to.

And today's no exception, as I have Wolverine or young Logan, sing Neil Young's classic song "Old Man" to Old Logan.
Yeah, you'll see how it works.

Here's Neil's song by the way:

On with the show........

The ever flamin' end

Hey, it could happen;)

Here's another bit of cheap ad work I did for my local comic shop, Nuklear Comix:

By the way, I used to go to this guy's very interesting blog:

It's run by a guy name Nathan Adler, and he runs a very cool website. Basically what he does is gives suggestions or "fixes" to certain story-lines or plots in comic continuity that have long gone unanswered or left dangled, he tidies them up and and posts them.

So for example, he's done one for his suggestion of why "The Twelve" from X-Men lore exist, and also possibly the real reason why Mr. Sinister decided to have his Marauders kill the Morlocks off during that first massive X-Book crossover, "Mutant Massacre" in 1986.

Anyways he e-mailed me a couple days ago, and wondered if I'd be interested in contributing a guest post since he's having trouble keeping the site going. He has MS, and is thus limited in the amount of work he can put back into his site.
I don't have to explain how honored I felt at being asked to contribute to someone else's blog in that capacity, especially considering I'm probably known more for my toilet humor than anything else. So, I figured I'd at least plug his site before deciding just what the hell to write about.

And trust me, his explanations and rationalizations for "fixes" are very in-depth and well-researched. Trust me, this guy could've easily earned a doctorate in comics studies on the X-Men alone!

So if you're into history, especially comic history like I am, do yourself a favor go check his blog out.

That's me for today kiddies, have a good one;)


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

"midget toss", that was Colossus's job :)

Dale Bagwell said...

Well yeah, but if you wanna be technical about it, since that was Days Of Future Past Logan, that means his Colossus is dead.

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