Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So Who Would Win? The CSA vs. The Authority

Happy, Happy Hump Daaaaaay!!!!

So what's up people?

Well today I decided after much mental debate, to choice the two teams you just read in the title to face off against one another,

The Criminal Syndicate of Amerika VS. The Authority

Now to set this up, I'm talking about using  Grant Morrison's Earth-2 CSA, and Warren Ellis' Authority only. No other watered-down versions need apply!

So, here's the roster and skinny on each team:

Criminal Syndicate of Amerika:

-Johnny Quick
-Power Ring


The Authority:

-Jenny Spark
-The Doctor
-Jack Hawksmoor
-The Engineer

Now right off the bat, yes the CSA is outnumbered 7-5, but that doesn't mean the CSA isn't powerful or cunning enough to either quickly even the odds or cheat like the motherfuckers they are to neutralize some members of the Authority.

The power-sets are pretty much even steven, especially since Apollo, Midnighter, The Engineer, and Swift easily match up perfectly with Ultraman, Owlman, Power Ring, and Johnny Quick.

Another thing to keep in mind is the downright ruthlessness and really, the eagerness by both teams to kill.
That factor right there cannot be stressed enough; neither side has any qualms whatsoever in killing someone. Simple as that.

So then, who do you think would win; The CSA, or The Authority?

Let me know what you guys think in the comments section.

And now for some quick random thoughts:

-If you haven't already heard about it on the news, there was a believed terrorist attack that occurred during the Annual Boston Marathon last week. Dozens, and dozens were injured, with only two casualties so far.
Regardless of who's to blame for the bombings, its more important to consider and say a prayer or some well-wishes for the victims and their friends and families. After all blind hatred doesn't fix or help those who suffered from the attacks, it means someone else's family and friends will have to experience the same pain as the victims due to retaliation.

-On a lighter note, Free Comic Book Day is just around the corner; two weeks to be exact.
Now depending on my own personal plans, I might have to miss out on the happy occasion, but don't worry because Mr. Morbid will get something even better than free comics: Guaranteed Booty!!!!! Just sayin; is all;)

-I'm now halfway through the 1st season of GoT. As I said in the comments section, it's alright, but I'm not going out shouting to the rooftops "What have I been missing?" Yeah not gonna' happen. But it is a solid show so far. I can't believe Lord Stark just resigned from being the King's Hand, and then a very funny scene occurred where this guy called The Mountain, got so pissed at being knocked off his horse from a gay knight(no, he really is) that he cut his own horses' head off before going after the knight. Unintentionally funny, but a laugh's a laugh to me. Damn that was hilarious!!!!

-Finally, I just finished watching the horror movie, The Collection by the makers of the Saw movie franchise.

As you'd expect, there were very clever death traps, especially in the beginning alone, but the ending was a big let down. After a pretty good fight scene, the bad guy just gets jobbed out in the end, supposedly falling to his death, where we see he's set on fire and lit up like a christmas tree. But then after the cops survey the wreckage, only the partially burnt mask of the villain is found. You then have to really watch one of the deleted extras to catch what happens after that. Now while it is funny to see a hero get the drop on a villain like the hero does, it just sucks to see the main baddie get built up into this smart as fuck, unbeatable monster. Only to get jobbed out later on. Kind of reminds me of the villain-of-the-week on Arrow, only on a much larger scale. WTF!? The bad guy is either really badass and stays that way or the villain's set up in such a way we know he'll fall, but it'll make sense, rather than just happen conveniently. And trust me, I consider this guy a super-villain because of the death traps and supposed genius. Oh and did I mention he winds up being an Entomologist? Yeah, a bug doctor basically.....


karl said...

I think the Authority would win hands-down without a doubt. It comes down maybe to cultural thinking really, as the CSA aernt well-known enough to give a definitive analysis of them. Plus we don't see them around much to form an expert opinion. Theres a little conflict between them but not enough for us to care, really.
The Authority however are more bad-ass, serious do-what-ya-gotta-do-ta-win fuckers and manage to pull together when circumstances demand it. Apollo and Midnighter have straight counterparts in Ultraman and Owlman which could offer some conflict if they meet. All in all there would be some serious fucking throw-downs between these two teams, and Grant Morrison would be the ideal candidate to write it.

My condolences to those in the Boston bombings; we had regular bombing campaigns here in the UK by the IRA for over thirty years and became well used to it over time.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Karl: Hey big Karl, thanks for stopping by as always.
I as much as I hate to because I really like them, I'll have to agree with your assessment that the Authority would win. Each member of the Authority is just as, if not more so, ruthless than the CSA combined. Throw in the fact that when push comes to shove, when faced with defeat, they run away like cowards, and that tactic won't work against such hard-asses like the Authority.

I'm sure with Grant Morrison writing it though, the outcome won't be so obvious until the end because Morrison's just good like that.

Now I do have one possible wrench to throw in that theory of yours though; as per the rules of the CSA's universe, evil always wins. So my question to you is, how much is that a factor in the fight should the Authority find themselves transported to the CSA's homeworld?

Finally, those condolences are truly appreciated. I hear ya about the the whole UK/Ireland deal, and it's the same everywhere around the world. The Middle East, Africa, everywhere and every country has it's share of mindless violence and hate. It's sad though that until it happens in our own backyards, we can't really relate on somewhat empathize as human beings.

Dan said...

I vote the Aurthority too, it's hard to argue against Jenny - she's one powerful lady all on her own. Though as a geek fan I would like to see the conversations Jack has with the spirits of the reverse worlds cities, Gotham and Metropolis especially.

Sigh - ohh Aurthority why did you have to change, and if you did, why couldn't you become a Vertigo book? That would've been a no-brainier I think.

As for the bombings, yes, even down under those attacks gave us pause. The fact it is all most common enough not to give pause as Karl suggests is another layer of sad on top of their tragic acts.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

how ironic i just recently read my first issue ever of Storm Watch, it actually wasn't bad. this comic shop i went to last week had a whole bunch of free random DC52 titles that were missing the back and front covers. but i'm just not familiar enough with The Authority to give a real opinion here. but what i can tell you is that i browsed through Suicide Squad 20 while at that comic shop and it looked as shitty and uninteresting as usual. but at least it's glass's last issue. Random told me you were having some computer problems sorry to hear that bro you must be pretty fucken frustrated about now.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan: I feel ya on that one too. DC just raped and killed whatever was good about the Authority in the first place once they got their hands on it.

As for the fight itself, I'm sure just the Doctor, Midnighter, Apollo, and Jack could have that fight all wrapped up in time for cocktail hour aboard their ship.

@Shlomo: Thx man, and yes, yes it was very frustrating.

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