Friday, April 12, 2013

Top 5: Mirror Master's Choice Edition

TGIF you beautiful sons(and daughters) of bitches!!!! What's up?

Today I'd thought try something new-ish again, and decided to put that promised new spin on a not so old weekly feature here @ The House of Fun.

So today, for the brand new edition of the Top 5, you're getting a guest host to start the new era off.

So give it up for that true limey, coke-snorting son of a bitch you all know and love,

The Mirror Master:

*All opinions, views and comments made by The Mirror Master during this post may not exclusively be endorsed or expressed by Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun. But fuck, you know it'll probably be witty and funny, so enjoy it anyway ya' right bastards;)

Aye, 'tis your ol' friend the Mirror Master here, and I wus told I had to sit in and do a wee stint as guest host uv today's edition of the Top 5. So today laddies, I suppose I canna' tell you all about my top 5 favorite Scottish rock bands of all time. And if'n you don' fancy that, feel free to stick aroound later so's I can get to ya all proper like.

Ready? Good, now wit the show as it were.....

5). The Proclaimers

Ya don' haveta walk 500 Miles to enjoy the music from these bug-eyed brothers, but I would. Thankfully I canna just travel that length if need be wit' my mirrors, and go straight on to the source. You can have yurself a good chuckle, but I dare yu to na tell me you weren't dancing to "500 Miles" winnit came out. Go on, I double-dog dare ya.

You can say that the Reid brothers, Charlie and Craig are "One-Hit Wonders" all ya' want, but that jus means they have one more hit than'n ya' normal people do.

4). Simple Minds

Seriously people, how could ya no love Simple Mind? Who will ever forgit their contribution to 80's pop culture by lending the iconic movie, The Breakfast Club, their huge smash, "Don't You Forget About Me."

Aye, and while I did have a thing for Molly Ringwald, I haveta confess to wanting to have a go at the wee weird brunette that ate her own hair flakes on her sandwich. What?, You all know I do love me wee flakes!!!!

Plus I just loved Judd Nelson's character. Hey, I'ma Rogue, 'tis natural to root for the bastard. He's an honorary Rogue as far as I'm concerned.

Simple Mind had other hits as well , but none as well remembered as that one.

3). The Skids

Say what ya will, but fuk American Punk bands! Fuk The Ramones and Blondie, which wasn't even a true proper punk band, but a pop band in disguise.

Naw thank you, I'll gladly take The Skids thank yu very much!

The Skids wer the type of band, that other punk bands of the time, such as The Clash and The Sex Pistols seemed ta' imitate and steal licks from. 'Tis true! 'Tis damn true!

If ya na believe me, take a listen to such classic punk anthems like "Sweet Suburbia", "The Saints are coming", and their biggest smash sing to date, "Into the valley."

Lead guitarist Sam Adamson left the group to go start another classic Scottish band in the mid-80's,  Big Country. 'Tis true, or as that maukit eejet, Mr. Morbid would say, "Look it up!"

2). Bay City Rollers

Seriously, an you cannae ask the lads, every time it's Saturday Night, I start to go "S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y, Day!!!!"

I defy you to na' get off yuir arse and dance when this comes on the radio. Ya know you do, so donnae front.

1). Nazareth

If I have to explain why this particular band is me favorit' after jus sayin' their name, then I'm comin' to yur house and slittin' your wee throats.

"Hair of the dog", "Don't Judas Me", "Broken down angel", "Bad, bad boy", I could go on, but you git my point. Hell, that fooked up mess he calls himself Axl Rose, even wanted the band to sing at his wedding in 1990, but they wisely declined. Ha, fook Axl!

And since we're all good mates here, I don't mind sayin' how much I like quoting them too. Like when me an' the Rogues are tussling with the Flasher. I jus' love to say "Now you're messing with a son of a bitch!" right before I blast 'em wit my mirror guns. Ha, classic right?

And that's all for me for this edition of the Top 5. Now remember kids to stay bad, and stay clear of cops and the Flash. And if'n yur a goodie-good, then stay clear of me.....or else!!!!!

Is he gone yet?

Have a good weekend folks;)


Tiger OA1 said...

I like the new host of top 5.

I took a look at the Rogues of late and they are looking more interesting now than they've ever been, all except my man Captain Cold. Right now they have him more powerful, but he's got powers like Marvels Iceman :( what part of the game is that?

Why not have played up to Cold being able to see in slow motion and make all kinds of cool shots with the freeze guns? Shame ain't it.

Randomnerd said...

Hey Mirror, what have you got against the Fratellis? ;)

@OA1, it's just one more character that's getting a "fresh" look. Despite the fact that it's just ripping off another character. But who keeps track of that?

Dale Bagwell said...

@Yeah I hear ya on the "new" Captain Cold. His costume may not be all that bad, but the powers things ruins him. Typical reboot-itis:(

And that last suggestion makes so much sense it'd be instantly illegal/outlawed @ DC. You know it's true;)

Glad you enjoyed it, and I'll pass your endorsement along

@Random: Indeed. Oh wait, hold on a minute.....

"Aye lass, it's Mirror Master here.
Lovin' your last name by the way. If'n you ever find yurself in Central City, I'd loved to see if you can live up to your last name;)

Now, I dinnae have anyting 'gainst the Fratellis 'cept they were beaten by an obease kid who has a dance named after him and his reject scooby doo friends. Aye, to be beaten by a mere child. Ughhh.

What? Oh ya' mean the scottish band, the Fratellis? They're al'ight I guess.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

that Simple Minds song/video and The Breakfast club were both classic 80s stuff that i miss.

Dale Bagwell said...

Thanks Allah we have Hulu and Youtube right? ha ha.

Randomnerd said...

@ Mirror, Maybe you should employ the Truffle Shuffle as a distraction technique in your next battle with the Flash. ;)

@ Dale, How right you are about Youtube. I'd never see music videos anymore if it weren't for that.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: "Never gonna' happen ma'am. 'Tis uneefective and a true waste of time. 'Aye but I cannae give you a private performance if'n you have the time and china white;)"

Randomnerd said...

"I got nothin'" (by the Bangles)

Vernita said...

This is cool!

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