Monday, April 15, 2013


So, it's Monday again? Already?

Well then in that case.....

Pretty much, this yeah.

Well at least there's a new skit today.
Today I finally make use of the free bike I was given from Barry @ Nuklear Comix(thx again man!) as we see Batman doing his thing.


The End

Let's see, what else?
Oh yeah, the results of last Thursday's poll; Who won, The Rogues or the Secret Six?

Well according to the comments section, it's the Rogues, 4-2.

Any comments about that Secret Six?

See? Now that's real sportsmanship right there.

What else?
Oh yeah, here's the latest swag list from this weekend:

-DCUC Gentleman Ghost(very hard to find mind you)
-Marvel Legends Silver Centurion Iron Man
-DC Unlimited Hawkman

Yes, I know, I know; I basically gave $ money to the enemy and the reboot by buying a NU52 figure. But in my defense, his look as an action figure really grew on me to the point where I just had to buy him. I missed on him before, but yesterday got a second chance, so fuck it, I bought him. I still maintain that outside of original artist and costume designer Philip Tan, no one else has done that costume justice when it comes to the comic book representation. That being said, the figure looks cool as fuck, so there.

And yes, there will be a skit with him in it in the not-too-distant future.

Could these new blasphemous versions of our beloved heroes be slowly winning me over? Possibly. Now I won't change my stance on how I feel about the reboot as a whole; it sucks ass and was totally unnecessary, but the figures are not that bad. So maybe I might add Batman and the Flash to my collection, and maybe Superman, but that might be stretching things.

I'll let you know how that goes.


Randomnerd said...

Nice positioning of action figures there. :)

Dale Bagwell said...

Thank you, I try;)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

what, no doggie style panel in your skit between the Bat and The Cat? Dale, i'd disappointed with you if i wasn't so stoked over the stuff i posted on the Suicide Squad and Rom blogs today.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo, yeah I guess I could've, but don't you think that'd have been a bit gratuitous? Eh, maybe next time...

Randomnerd said...

I'm impressed you know what gratuitous means. ;)

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: What!? I'm insulted dear madam that you would even entertain the very notion that I would not know what Gratuitous is. I do, as well as other various 10 and 20$ words. It's simply a matter of working them into conversation. Gratuitous indeed! I know what the word spelling it perfectly is a different matter altogether;)

Dan said...

A great Hawkman figure around the same time a decent Archangel figure lands - and all this time I thought the toy world hated me...

Gratuitous sounds like a character in the New Gods. On Darkseid's side of course. Just has that Kirby feel to it - Gratuitous the Godslayer!

Tiger OA1 said...

Haaaa, damn how did I miss this one?
Bats that's my dogg.

can't give you 10 or 20 dollars worth this time_Ha!

This was a good one Old Boi.

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