Tuesday, April 30, 2019

"Netflix Money"

Who's up for one last skit for the month?

Good, here you go.....

The End

I have yet to watch the Doom Patrol tv show even though I'm a huge fan. I'm just willing to subscribe to DC's streaming service just for that and maybe the new Swamp Thing series coming out later. Instead I've been watching clips on YouTube, do believe there are apps online that allow you to watch shows like DP for free. Might have to look into that. 


Gary said...

Haha! Like it!

I'll give Doom Patrol a go if it shows up on Netflix over here in the UK - Titans did so I'm hoping this will, too.

I just hope whoever filmed it remembered to use some lighting, for once; Titans was okay but sweet Cthulhu there were scenes you could barely tell what was going on, it was so dark.

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Did it? I thought it was only airing on the DC streaming service....otherwise you'd have find certain websites or apps that allow you to watch shows like that. I'll keep an eye out for DP on Netflix because that's the only way outside of those said sites and apps I'd be able to watch it.

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