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Top 5 Spider-Man Villains That Could've Been Dr. Strange Villains Instead

Who's seen the new trailer for the next MCU movie, Spider-Man: Far From Home?
I have and it's pretty good actually. No I still haven't seen Homecoming yet and I'm ok with that, but this one looks good enough to watch.

In the new trailer, Mysterio claims to be from an alternate universe similar to ours but different. Even Fury believes this story.

And while I know fans are all a buzz with the possibility of an actual multiverse existing, especially now that time travel is a thing in the MCU now thanks to Endgame, I personally don't feel that's the case just yet. Nope instead, I think Mysterio's story about being a hero from another universe is just  like the monsters in the movie he created (Hydro-Man and Molten Man respectively) all part of his plot to endear himself to the MCU and get their guard down in order to do whatever evil scheme he's got cooked up.

Now sure I could be wrong here, but that's what I think. Not only is he pretending to be a hero, but he's also upping the ante by claiming to be from another world. And again, after everything Fury and Spider-Man's seen the possibility of a whole multiverse existing doesn't seem that all far-fetched does it?

I do believe this panels explains it all in a nutshell:

Speaking of Mysterio, guess who made the list of Spider-villains who could've just as easily been fighting Dr. Strange instead?

 That's right this guy:

I'll explain why as I go over my Top 5 list of Spider-Man Villains that could've just as easily been Dr. Strange villains instead.

5). The Green Goblin

Read this and you tell that the Green Goblin wouldn't have a been a really good villain for Dr. Strange if Ditko had kept the supernatural aspect the character and his origins intact:

 I'm not sure how the original version of the Green Goblin would've ultimately faired in the MU over time, or even if he'd become as popular as he eventually became, but I'd like to think he'd have been a natural for becoming one of he good doctor's most persistent foes. Hell, he could even retain the double identity of Norman Osborn, so that instead of being a persona that developed due to a chemical he created, it'd be more a case of supernatural possession.

4). Puma

Since his powers are already mystical in nature, it's not much of a stretch to me why Puma wouldn't be an ideal opponent for Dr. Strange. Replace his original purpose of being bred to kill the Beyonder with that of a/the sorcerer supreme and add in his side job as a mercenary, and you wouldn't have too work to hard to explain away his addition into Strange's rogues gallery.

3). Will O' The Wisp

Another science-created super villain, and fellow member of the Outlaws with the #4 entry, the Will O' the Wisp could instead be a magical creature, a demon, a vengeful ghost, or something else entirely. Either way he could become a potential mystical menace for the good doctor to fight instead of Spider-Man. His abilities of within the realm of the manipulation of the electromagnetic spectrum makes him on paper a very powerful threat to anyone. Despite all this, and his many, many abilities,

Berserker Strength
Blast Power
Density Control
Dimensional Manipulation
Electricity Control
Electronic Disruption
Emotion Control
Energy Absorption
Energy Based Constructs
Energy Manipulation
Energy Shield
Energy-Enhanced Strike
Enhance Mutation
Force Field
Heat Generation
Light Projection
Matter Absorption
Phasing / Ghost
Super Sight
Super Speed
Super Strength
Unarmed Combat

Ol' Will sure gets jobbed out a lot. That being said, if he was instead a

2). Venom 

Yes Venom. All you have to do is just change alien symbiote to a tool of an evil sorcerer or demonic entity and Venom's your man.
And hey it's not like it's that much of a total stretch considering how Marvel's allowed writer Donny Coates to give the race of symbiotes a new, retconned origin as being created out of living darkness from the dark god known as Knull. If we were to fully go with the mystical aspect of Knull, then he'd make a logical enemy for Dr. Strange, with the symbiotes being soldiers in his war on everything, Strange included. Venom could either be a powerful symbiote that's given or gained independent sentience, or is an amalgamation of all the symbiotes personified as a creature calling itself Venom. Either way, Strange would have a new and very deadly adversary to deal with.

1). Mysterio 


I've already given away the #1 entrant, but here's why he could be a potential villain for Dr. Strange:
Either his powers and abilities are mystical in nature, or he remains as he is, a formidable master of special FX with a personal vendetta against the good doctor due to say, being exposed as a fraud, or having one of his world-conquering schemes put down by Strange, either way, he gains an enemy for life in Mysterio.

Those are my picks, who would yours be?

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