Wednesday, February 07, 2018

The Demon has a tongue that's long and lean and makes even Gene Simmons say it's obscene

Kinky Morgaine, VERY kinky.
I guess his long, rhyming tongue fits your whims perfectly don't it? ;)

And happened all thanks to Tinder, 'cause apparently that ever-so popular dating app can even work for Jack Kirby's favorite Demon....

Now with a witty profile like that, how could any girl in right mind, pass that up?


Gary said...

Tis clear one Demon's not enough, for Morgaine looks to be bored.
She's clearly in need of firmer stuff, perhaps she should summon a hoard?

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha, right?
Indeed her sugar walls she wants to be stuffed to capacity,
filled to the brim with cream overflowing, since she long gave up on the concept of chasity.
With bizarre moans and groans that emanate from her bedroom nightly,
she loves to take in all manner of cock, her eager pussy hugging them ever so tightly.

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