Tuesday, February 20, 2018

"Ricky, I did see what you were doing....and it felt good didn't it?"

Speaking of jerking it......don't you just hate when THIS happens:

Huh. Well Mom sure handled that well.....a lot better than Ricky's handling his tool.
Still waiting for the inevitable Brazzer.com ad to pop up in the corner.....


Gary said...

Thankfully that never happened to me.

Sure, my mom found my stack of porno mags when I was 13 and had a bunch of friends round at the time, but that's a whole other nightmare.

Dale Bagwell said...

So it was a group effort is what you're saying...Nooice.
So were there certain established rules, like everybody has to finish at the same time? If you finish first, is that bad thing or do you have to keep it in until everyone else's finished?
Who springs for pizza afterwards?

Gary said...

Haha! I knew that sentence should have been parsed better!

Far as I'm concerned, the host gets to finish whenever they want!

Dale Bagwell said...

From your lips to to the Host's (R)ears.

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