Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Taco Tuesday

It's Taco Tuesday y'all!!!!!

I'm sure you've heard the expression "Taco Tuesday" before on the Internet, and if not, well I'll give you a quick second to Google it.


Let the memes begin!

And on that note, oh what the hell, let's bring back the ol' Top 10 list one more time for old time's sake.

Gun to my head, here's the Top 10 Marvel Women whose tacos I'd gladly eat:
In no particular order.....

10). She-Hulk

9). Scarlet Witch

8). Tigra

7). Mary Jane Watson/Parker

6). Mystique/Rogue *tie*

5). The Enchantress

4). White Queen Emma Frost

3). Storm

2). Jean Grey

1). Black Cat

Yeah I know Sue Richards should be on there, and who says she isn't. She does have invisible powers you know?

And not to leave the DC out of this, here's the Top 10 DC Women whose taco I'd love to eat:
Again in no particular order.....

10). Hawkgirl/woman

9). Wonder Woman

8). Catwoman

7). Zatanna

6). Black Canary

5). Raven 

4). Harley Quinn

3). Batgirl 

2). Starfire

1). Power Girl

Who'd make your list?

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