Thursday, November 02, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: Harley Quinn VS. Daredevil


It's the first November edition of  So, Who Would Win?, and I'm kicking it off with a match-up inspired by some action figure figure art I saw on the A.C.B.A. (Articulated Comic Book Art)group page on Facebook of Harley Quinn interacting with ol' Horn Head, and figured that'd make a good entry for this week's face-off.

Damn, this would be a really good one, right?

Let's get to the stats, shall we?

-Harley Quinn:
  • Skilled gymnast
  • Utilizes weaponized props
  • Immunity to various toxins
Plus she's also a psychologist, or was, and has often demonstrated at times she would use that skill-set/knowledge to manipulate her foes.

  • Superhuman senses, including radar sense
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant
  • Utilization of specially-designed club

Okay so it seems DD might, MIGHT, have a slight advantage due to his radioactively-enhanced senses. 
But is it enough against someone as wacky, crazy, and resourceful as Harley?
Sure she may not initially know about those famous heightened senses and radar he has, but eventually a smart cookie such as herself would have to catch on right? 

I mean if Batman could easily deduce DD was blind, then Harley would surely figure that out too?

Either way, we're guaranteed to witness a hell of a fight between these two....and who knows, knowing Matt's predilection towards banging mentally unstable women, they might even knock boots afterwards.

Stranger things have happened in comicland.


Harley Quinn



Who wins and why?

And speaking of Harley, apparently, DC has decided that the Joker must follow suit and do exactly what his man-crush Batman did, and propose marriage to Harley Quinn.


I mean it's one thing for the Bat and the Cat to do that, even though I'm sure it won't end well for them, but now for the Joker to have to do the same thing?????

Goddamn DC, this is why I've given up on the new stuff, because of shit like this.

You can go to the link I've provided for the rest of the article if you want:

Have a good weekend folks......

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