Thursday, November 09, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: The Green Goblin Vs. The Joker


Welcome to another edition of So, Who Would Win?, where I pit two individuals or teams from the comic book world against each other to see who would be the last man or team standing after everything's said and done.

For today, I'm pitting two well-known villainous psychopaths against each other, with the Green Goblin taking on the Joker.

Ok, so obviously this one has the potential to be over really quick right? I mean we all know how ridiculously over- and out-powered the Joker seems to be in this scenario.

Or is he?

You know what time is don't you? That's right, it's time to compare the stats....

-The Green Goblin:
  • Superhuman strength, stamina, durability, agility and reflexes due to ingesting the Goblin Formula
  • Regenerative healing factor
  • Genius-level intellect
  • Skilled in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts
  • Uses goblin-themed weapons and a Goblin Glider which has a variety of offensive weapons as paraphernalia

-The Joker:
  • Criminal mastermind
  • Expert chemist
  • Utilizes weaponized props and toxins

Well doesn't look good for Mistah J now does it?

Now sure, both men are great and thinking up and creating deadly gadgets for their respective arch-foes, not to mention both being certifiably certified, but to me it comes down Osborn having the superior strength and resource overall.

Even if the Joker could match Osborn in tricks and healing ability, he can't outmatch in the strength or resource department, and that may be all the Goblin needs to close the deal and take out the Joker once and for all.

As to how and why these two are fighting each other....well let's just say maybe they've heard of each other and Osborne thinks he can use the Joker for his own ends and vice-versa.

The Joker, knowing about Osborn's ongoing issues with his mental instability, decides to use that information to his advantage, and eventually does exactly what Loki did to Osborn prior to Siege, and make Osborn crack up and allow the Goblin personality to takeover.

It does.  Except it doesn't ALL go to plan like the Joker thought, and now he's having to deal with a very insane and pissed off Green Goblin.

Of course you shouldn't ever underestimate the Joker's resourcefulness either....


The Green Goblin


The Joker

Who wins and why?

That's me for this week, go home, smell ya' later!


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

the Goblin probably has a more powerful arsenal at his commend but the Joker is so damn cunning. for me, this one is too close to call it could go either way.

Dale Bagwell said...

Exactly. Either the Joker outwits Osborn, or Osborn out-powers him. Either way, there probably won't be much left to clean up.

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