Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sexual Harassment Panda must be working overtime these days

So if you haven't already heard the news, now former news anchor for NBC's the Today Show, Matt Lauer, has just been fired after allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace were made by a fellow co-worker was brought to NBC's attention.

Despite this being his 1st ever allegation of sexual misconduct in working there for over 20 years, the big wigs at NBC obviously felt there was enough evidence provided by the claimant to fire his ass.

Here's a link for the whole story if you're interested:

Ok, so here's my two cents on all this....
It appears that Matt Lauer is now the latest in a now long line of celebs, reporters, and anyone else currently active in the public eye to be accused of sexual harassment, which lead to their getting pink-slipped.

I gotta' say I was pretty surprised to see Lauer's name join this list, not as much as I was when I heard Charlie Rose got popped for the same thing, but still shocked nonetheless.
Now I'm not a big fan of his, and trust me I'm pretty sure he's a bit of an asshole and stuck up jerk in real life, but damn, Matt Lauer too!?  I mean I guess this former co-worker had a legit claim since he was fired, but considering this was his first complaint in over 20 years, and NBC's not standing with him, means this shit has to be legit right?

Goddamn, who else is next!?

My thing is this: Why now? Why is it now all of a sudden being the "it" thing to do?
The short answer seems to be this is the kind of world we live in now, at this moment in history. 

Today's society/culture seems to have evolved to this point where everything's super PC, where you have to really watch what you say or do, because if you offend someone, you're automatically in the wrong. And that's beyond fucked up.

Now I'm definitely not defending these men in positions of power who legitimately did the things they've been being accused of and fired for. Not at all. There's a reason why there should NEVER be sexual misconduct or harassment in the workplace, or how fucked it up it is that these women were abused like that. And yes these women who have come forward, are indeed incredibly brave for finally speaking out about what they've suffered and all, but again, WHY NOW?

Why wait a year, 5 , 10, 20 years to FINALLY come forward after all this time?

Because that's where we are right now in this society.

Funny how there's no men coming forward with any accusations of sexual misconduct towards women/female employees though. Oh I'm sure it'll come to that eventually. We'll see I guess.

I know one thing, if I was one of these guys who did stuff like this, I'd be sweating bullets because it'd be only a matter of time before someone came forward with claims of sexual harassment, and then bye-bye jobby-job.

I wonder if Sexual Harassment Panda is a sad panda for all this coming out to light, or a happy one that it finally did?

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Anonymous said...

You don't know what it's like to be a woman and be in a position such as this. Until you do I would reserve your judgement and focus on what you do know and what this blog is supposed to be about...Tittering on "why wait ten years" then back peddling and saying "I sympathize" is a BS move and honestly "thinking" such as this is the reason WHY these women didn't come forward sooner. Judge not, walk a mile, keep your thoughts to yourself and worry about your own life.

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