Monday, November 20, 2017

"Back In Black"

What's up people?

Goddamn, can't believe it's already Thanksgiving week already. And you know what that means? Christmas isn't that far away, leading us out to the end of the year.

Where does the time go?

Speaking of going, Charles Manson's dead.

Yup, Mr. Helter Skelter himself has finally kicked the bucket. I love it!
The bets part is he never got to see the light of day, having to spend to his last birthday inside, where he turned 83 since as he was consistently and continually denied parole.

*igga got L-WHOPPED, as the Joker and Scarecrow called it during a discussion they had back during Knightfall. L-Whopped, means Life Without The Possibility Of Parole.

Good on ya' US Justice System. You finally did something right.

And from this joyus news, we transition into more joyous news with a brand new skit.....

The End


I bet. 

So as you you can clearly see, I finally got the newly-released Gamestop exclusive "Back in Black" Marvel Legends Deadpool figure, and he's just.....too....SWEEEETTTTT!!!!

Seriously, he's a pretty sweet-looking figure for a repaint. 

He comes with an extra set of repainted Carnage claw hands, and the back symbiote tentacle plug in and alternate head comes courtesy of the Superior Venom figure.

Mine does NOT want to pop on, otherwise I'd have used it in the first two panels. Oh well.
Still a pretty damn good figure.

Oh, did I mention he also comes with two neon 80's pink katana blades? I don't get why that particular color scheme was used here, but they'll look great with that upcoming Jim Lee Psylocke figure though.

And just like last year, this year's packaging is a real treat, with a funny description on the back:

In case you can't read it, it says "Increased aggression? Boosted strength? Nah, he's just in it for the slimming black suit."

Ha, nice. 


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

dude, i so thought when i saw that posting title you were gonna have something about the celebrity death news over the weekend from AC/DC. i'm guessing AC/DC was never your thing?

Dale Bagwell said...

Forgot all about that actually. Damn shame really, but he'll be with Bon Scott now, waiting for the rest of 'em to travel on that highway to Hell. The Sinner really do have more fun you know;)

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