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Top 5: Favorite Toys From The First Half Of 2015


If you're like me right now, you too can't believe we're already well into the 2nd half of the year.
Fuck me, where's the year gone!?

Knee-deep into the summer months, and already its been a pretty damn good year for action figure collectors like myself.
Well, Marvel Legends collectors anyways, seeing as how 6 waves plus a couple 3-packs are all coming out this year, most of which have already been released.

I know theres's at least 3 more waves I can't wait to plunk my money on, that being the upcoming Rhino BAF Wave, the Hulkbuster BAF wave, and the Antman Wave(already pre-ordered the Tiger Shark and Grim Reaper figures and should be getting them next week)

So I figured while I wait for them, how about I highlight the Top 5 figures I've gotten so far this year.

5).The Vigilante (DCUC Wave 8)

An oldie, but a goodie, seeing as how this bad boy came out in 2009. He was on my DCUC Wishlist for awhile now, and thankfully I recently got to cross him off that list when I bought him a couple weeks ago.
The detail, paint job, sculpting, and articulation are just all-around top notch on this figure. Hell, if you look directly into his visor, you can even see his real eyes looking back at you. How cool is that? Plus he comes with enough assortment of guns to make him elgiable for the NRA. Can't beat that either.

4). Captain Atom (DCUC Wave 4)

How did a figure that came out back in 2008 make this list? Simple, because he was a highly sought after figure. I'd long been wanting the silver and red/blue version of Captain Atom in DCUC figure form for awhile. But damn, trying to buy him off Amazon was proving to be more expensve than I'd liked. So I contentended myself in buying a loose gold variant version and the Ed McGuinnesss one from that line. Thankfully though I lucked out a couple weeks ago on Amazon with an affordable version of this figure, and I'm super damn glad I finally have one of my very own. Now if only DC would show the good captain that much patience and dedcation, maybe comic-wise he'd be in much better spot. Or maybe not.....

3). SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends Ms. Marvel, Captain America and Radioactive Man Marvel Set:

I bought this set at Target's earlier this year for the online-discounted price of 30$ plus tax.
Trust me, it was more thatn worth it, especially considering w/o the discount sale price, I'd had ot have coughed up 50-60$ instead. Just off the principal alone, I had to get this three-pack. That, and for Radioactive Man, who honestly for me, was the main draw of the set. He broke his ML cherry, and looks very, very damn cool. Once I get the Tiger Shark and Grim Reaper figures, I'll be that much closer to assembling the Masters of Evil on my shelf. Hoo-Rah!
Ms. Marve's still a pretty cool figure, as you if you own the

2). Batman (DC Collectables Greg Capullo Designer Series Year Zero Wave)

While I already own a Batman figure with purple gloves(The DCUC Batman Wave Golden Age Batman) this one was a must have for me the moment I saw him. He's highly articulated and beautifully sculpted. I like the sharp, drooping angular cape he's sporting here, and the inclusion of a second hand specificially for holding his gun. I'm really tempted to buy the regular NU52 Capullo Batman figure, as well as the Bat-Amored one now just for the hell of it....and because they still look pretty damn good.

1). Spider-Man (ML Hobgoblin Wave)

Very hard to decide on this one, since there was sooooo many candidates to choose from, but in the end, Spidey, particularly this version, is now THE Spider-Man figure currently on my shelf.
I'll never hate on the current trend to load up certain figures with different posed hands or heads, as this is pretty much a common practice for other toy companies and lines outside of the US. I'm just glad Hasbro and Mattel are finally using this approach as well, because for years toy collectors like myself have always wanted a little extra for all that $ we gladly plunk down on these expensive bits of plastic. And to be rewared by extra pieces is very appreciated by this particular toy collector.

Anyhoo back to Spidey, this is THE one becaue of the half-masked alternative head so he can eat his lone pizza slice with, as well as othr sets of insertable hands. I love the colors on this one, as they really do pop, unlike the last latest movie version.

And that's my top 5 so far. With Tiger Shark and Grim Reaper on the way, plus the other figures I want form future upcoming waves, expect for very stiff competiton for an end of the year top 10 list.

As an added bonus, here's my Top 3 favorite released ML BAF figure waves so far:

1). ML King Thor/King Odin BAF Wave:

I was super excited when I was pleasantly surprised buy finding this wave at my local Wal-mart. it's notorious for being one of the last stores in this part of the state to get new ML waves in, so I was very glad to be able to snatch these figures up. Every figure in this wave was a must-get for me(well Iron Fist wasn't, but I still bought him anyways) I'm talking about the new Hawkeye, Sentry ,and Thor figures, as well as first timers like Machine Man and Captain Marvel Carol Danvers.
Plus we finally get a King Odin BAF. How cool, not to mention about time, was that?
Definitely one of the better waves ML/Hasbro has produced recently.

2). ML Thanos BAF Wave:

While he may not be anywhere as big as his Marvel Select counterpart (Or even the movie version Hulk figure in this wave) this first official ML Thanos BAF is still pretty damn cool to own. Just look at the big doopy grin on his face. He's sexy and he knows it(Well I guess Death does).
And you gotta' love the fact that most of the figures in the wave to build him are pretty damn cool themselves, as Batroc and Hellcat join Thanos in the ML first-timer's club. Who'd ever have thought we'd see those two right? Outside of the movie Cap, I enjoy each and every figure in the wave, and that's always a bonus, if not an outright prerequsite when having to buy a whole wave of figures to buy a much-wanted BAF figure.

3). ML Hobgoblin BAF Wave:

I already own the Spider-Man figure from this wave, but now I really, REALLY want the Daredevil and Anti-Venom figures from this wave as well. The BAF Hobgoblin's pretty cool himself, even if he's the Humberto Ramos version, which is a style that's not everyone's cup of tea, including mine sometimes. Still maybe it's worth it to have to buy the Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman and Spider-Man 2099 figures too just to make him, but thankfully they're not as high on the priority list as DD and Anti-Venom are to me.
Still overall, a very solid wave, with something for everyone.

Honorable Mention:
- ML Movie Ultron BAF Wave:

Getting this out of the way, but I don't about you guys, but I hate/hated the movie look for Ultron. It makes him look so bland and generic, and makes no sense that they didn't even attempt to co-op his more familar and iconic look instead. Was it because he was intended to look more like the guy who voiced him, James Spader? If so, they failed on that account too, because the recent movie Ultron didn't look good enough to resemble a bad James Spader impersonator, much less the man himself. Kinda' looks like Groot's sad uncle or something doesn't he?

Overall, other than the Tiger Shark and Grim Reaper figures I've already bought, I can only see buying the already hugely sought after Bulldozer figure(to complete the Wrecking Crew) the more modern Giant Man figure, and the Wasp. No movie Antman figure for me though. The design's not bad, but its not that good either. Just not feeling it, and certainly not feeling buying all the figure to build a figure that many people have already cited as looking like General Grevious from those last Star Wars movies.

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