Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Enough Is Enough!

I just checked my email today after not having done so in awhile and found 3 emails from "Karl."

These are the two of most interest:




Heather Belt said...

I actually think this is pretty funny if the most he can do is say I'm fat my child's fat & he's gonna resort to using her as his ONLY means necessary to come at me.....pathetic. He's a lonely old gay troll whatever has to pretend to be someone else so people will like him. He's probably deformed or sickly. Ugh disgusting waste of DNA. He needs to be wiped from the gene pool. BTW I know you're not Karl. I've known it for a while & I'm coming for you.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Well there goes your vacation dale. I'm pretty sure "Karl" must have been on the jerry springer show several times. I wonder if dr. Phil might be able to help I'm getting a bit of a ocd vibe off of him.

Dale Bagwell said...

It just goes to show you sometimes you really just don't know a person.
It's been taken care of though.

I think in order to wash away the whole STINK of this, especially here, in the house of fun, new skits and other features are sorely needed back. Next month, I'll be back, even if it's not on a full time schedule like I've been doing.
Too much time and space has already been wasted on that sick fuck.

Time for the fun to come back you know?

One last thing before the fun returns; I know I wasn't asking for sides to be taken in all this, but after everything that's happened and been revealed about the man formally known as "Karl", I'll be cutting ties, blocking, banning,whatever, anyone who'd still support and be friends with a world-class piece of disgusting shit like him, after what's been revealed about him.

Nothing personal, but I can't in good conscience be friends or even associates with people who still support him.

It's a simple as that; either you are or you aren't. I don't care.


Now onto the return of fun. Damn, so many new figures and to post about.......

Randomnerd said...

I don't care what imagined insult he holds over you and Heather's head, that is NOT okay. Children are off limits. Period. And only the most disgusting slimeball would use an innocent in such a horrendous fashion.

I never had a lot of interaction with him. Now I'm glad of it. Bye "Karl". Don't come back.

Dale Bagwell said...

Amen random. Just had my stablemates @ Grindhorse inform me "Karl" posted on the official Grindhorse Studios, that they should fire me.

Sad really.

Must be nice to have so much free time.....

Randomnerd said...

Seriously. Who the hell spends so much time trying to hurt and ruin people? Over the INTERNET. Which if he's so offended all he has to do is not look at it.

The King of Thessaly said...

Full disclosure: I am NOT The one, true King of Thessaly... I am IRL a random fat guy at the computer in a kiddie-pool full of oatmeal. I am a lie. All hail the interwebs!

(And the best to EVERYONE! Sorry I'm not around much recently... Take care! I'll be back...)

Randomnerd said...

And here I thought your name was King all this time. I'm so disillusioned.

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