Tuesday, July 28, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: Bronze Tiger VS. Sabertooth

What's up people?

Finally a post that's super serious and drama-filled.
Well, at least in the real world, negative way;)

Coming out of summer vacation to bring you guys and gals this little ditty of a highly interesting dream match-up: The Bronze Tiger versus Sabertooth.

Now in case you guys don't already know the players involved,  Bronze Tiger used to be a member of the Suicide Squad, as well as being one THE premier, badass martial artists in the DCU.

This former assassin is so badass and well-versed in thr art of fighting, that he's one of the very few people living and breathing that can boast about holdng a big "W" over Batman. Yes, Batman. He may not have super-powers, but he's still plenty lethal without them.

You should remember Sabertooth from the earrly seasons of the X-Men animated series back in the 90's, as well as being THE main pain in Wolverine's ass for years. Like mega-huge, raw hemorrhoid pain.

He's the guy with the fangs, razor-sharp claws,crazy heightened senses and a crazy fast and effective healing factor. Of course nowadays ever since the AXIS comic event, Saberooth's more or less a "good guy" since he's developed a conscience ,whereas before, he really didn't give a shit about killing people.

For the purpose of this match up though, he's pretty much his normal, usual, homicidal self.

I imagine any possible scenario you can come up with as to why these two would meet up would be fun.
-Maybe Sabertooth's wanted by Waller and the Squad because he'd be useful for the team, or he was the only able to successfully escape from his bomb collar or neuro impant.

-Maybe it's back in during BT's days as a hired assassin, and Creed's his rival.

The why doesn't matter, so much as them meeting up and fighting.


Bronze Tiger



Who Wins, and Why?
Let me know who you think ultimately survives this throwdown in the comments' section.


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Hate to do it but I gotta give this one to saber tooth. Despite all his skill and experience holding his own with meta human opponents i think st just has too many advantages over bt. By the way I'm surprised you didn't say anything about the Vixen trailer I posted.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: I know that had to hurt to have to say that man, lol.
I think Creed's geot this one too, but damn if Ben doesn't make him work for it.

I did man. Check out the comments' section on there. It looks decent enough, but I'd still rather have another season of YJ.

Randomnerd said...

I don't know guys. I think at some point Creed would go all animal and lose the little powers of reason he has. Then it's BT for the win

Dale Bagwell said...

@Randomnerd: That is a possible scenario, true. But I'm more inclined to think savage or not, Creed's got Ben by the short hiars on this one. And again, it'll be a long, hard-fought win, but Creed gets it in my opinion.

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