Monday, July 20, 2015

Setting The Record Straight

I really, really wasn't going to do this.....

It was I thought, a private matter between the parties involved, until he decided to make it a public one. Very public.
It wasn't enough that he felt he had to go run and tell our mutual friends about it, like some tattle-tale.
No, just couldn't help himself it seems.
Just had to make sure he played the part of the "social crusader" like he usually does.

Even worse, he involved my family.

That's usually a line I don't cross.
That's a line most should NEVER cross, but it was and has been.

I'm talking about Karl L. Disley.

It all started due to a simple misunderstanding.

A good friend of mine(and former mutual FB friend of Karl's) alerted me last week that it appeared as if Karl has unfriended and blocked her.

Understandibly curious, I attempted to message Karl, and ask him what was going on.
It seemed that I too was blocked and unfriended by Karl.

I openly admit, that my friend and I jumped to conclusions.
An honest and simple mistake.

I've confessed to currently dealing with some very personal matters as of late, and I believe that played a huge part in overracting.

I don't know every detail of what my friend said to Karl, but yes she did call him weird. But she also later apologized profusely to him, only to be cussed out.

I've felt that same way about him being weird, due to some examples of some odd behavior of his over the short amount of time I've known him, or thought I knew him.

But I've always felt he was like that ecentric uncle or family member we all have. Harmless really, just eccentric and kooky at times, but again a mostly cheery, congenial fellow.

As I said, I've been dealing with very personal and private issues as of late, so I haven't been making the Internet rounds as of late.
So, before I have a chance to rectify things, I'm being informed by two mutual friends and frequent commenters here, that Karl's claiming I'm a homophobe, as well as some other not so nice things.
It's not the first time I've been called names, and won't be the last time I'm sure.
But to insinuate that I'm homophobic is ridiculous and libellous.
I honestly ask any and all readers of this blog, especially those I've had personal contact with, whether it be through email or phone calls, if I've ever given any of you that impression, or made homophobic or offensive comments to you.

I don't believe I ever have, especially here.

I'm not asking for sides to be taken, but I believe if you're willing to make bold statements like that, you usually have proof to back those claims up.

I invite Mr. Disley to produce such evidence.

You know its funny, I get labeled as a homophobe. Does that mean that Mr. Disley is in fact gay then?
Whether he is or not, is no one's business, including mine.
It's just odd I get labeled that, and yet I don't recall ever publicly stating he was, even though privately I've always wondered.

Anyhoo, he claimed his account was suspended due to posting a picture that Facebook deemed inappropriate.
What that was, idk.
I have my suspicions, but that's all they are.

I do know he recently posted a very risque and I'd say, inappropriate picture of himself, posing in his underwear.
I can't hazard  to guess why somebody would do that, especially on Facebook, but that's the sort of thing you'd expect to find on Craig's list.

But that's his business.

Mine is him approaching and threatening to contact my family members, which I might add is also weird. Why automatically befriend people and family members of a friend you don't personally know? Who does that sort of thing?

I was also informed he's trying to have me banned from Dan's blog.
How very mature.

It seems despite all of this stemming from a simple misunderstanding, Karl's revealed his true colors.

That's unfortunate, but not totally surprising.

Again, I'm not asking for anyone to take sides. If you know me and the type of person I am, I shouldn't have to.

I just felt the need to clarify some things, and that's all I have to say about this.

Hope you guys had a good weekend.
I'll leave you now to return to my much-needed vacation.


Heather Belt said...

To bring in non involved parties is petty immature & frankly psycho. I said you were Gay you dumb fuck face! So blame me if you got something to say about it. Here me good you fucking loser if you do ANYTHING to Dale it's me your messing with & trust me Karl I'm the wrong cross eyed bitch to mess with. You just don't know so I'm warning you....fuck off get a fucking life & go on your merry loser way. Cause I can dig & when I do you'll be very sorry.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

holy shit Dale it sounds like things got even crazier with you guys on FB then the dueling protests in your state right now between the Ku Klux Klan and civil rights activists. i know you're not a homophobe or a hate monger in general bro. and to know that karl and your charming friend heather belt were also mixing it up . . hot diggity it sounds like i missed quite a floor show! like i said before it almost makes me wish i still had a farcebook account. anyways, to anyone who's reading things chill out folks it's just the fucken net it's not real life relationships or work hassles.

Heather Belt said...

Dude us fighting amongst ourselves is one thing but for this guy to contact this dad and sister....come on. BTW Karl I got some shit on you licked & loaded so you better keep your mouth shut about anything Dale's mentally ill dad told you b/c it's not true but what I have on you is true uploaded to YouTube along with pictures so....your call

Heather Belt said...


Heather Belt said...

Lastly what we said wasn't even public!!! Yet he is going around making it everyone's business b/c he's an idiot who clearly needs sympathy!!! Come for me Karl pleasssseee and are gay honey. I have proof. Lots of it. Not just all those gay guys on your FB page, not the gay things you like on FB or the pic of your bare ass and undies on FB but actually proof of your gayness. Everyone knows I'm an avid supporter of gay rights. I have lots of gay friends and I'm bi myself but I don't lie about who I am like you. And I don't walk around with a huge chip on my fucking shoulder about it like you.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah Shlomo, shit escalated pretty quickly. It was a private matter(I thought) never meant for others to see or hear. I've said what I had to say, and would be perfectly happy for things to end here and now. It doesn't have to go further than today, with these last comments on the subject.

I'd prefer we all simply walk away and get on with our own complicated lives without any additional and unnecessary stress.

I believe we can, but we'll see......

Hannah Vanslambrouck said...

Dale you have never been homophobic once that I can relate. Inappropriate? Sure! But that's. You in all your whacky glory. Regardless, spreading this kind of thing, contacting your family...that's too far. You've always been great to me Dale, and provided me not only with entertainment but friendship.

Dale Bagwell said...

Appreciate it Ging. If nothing else, my god the amount of skit material right!?

Too soon?;)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

take some time off Dale and get your personal problems sorted out. and if you're reading this Karl I suggest you do the same.

Dale Bagwell said...

I will man. To answer your earlier comments, I know it sounds silly, but there's definitely an internal struggle sometimes with feeling and being creative, mixed with feeling lazy if I haven't written skits or whatever feature I'm doing that day. But that's more with seeing other bloggers I know have busier schedules than mine, putting out a steady flow of new material daily or even just weekly.

But that's just me, and the expectations I put on myself.

But I hear ya man.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

well just think of it this way you ain't getting paid for this so the minute it feels like work and not just pure fun/hobby/recreation then you're putting too much time and effort into it. what you need is a good vacation from your self my friend preferably one that includes the girl (or more then one if you prefer) of your dreams. see if there's a Recall office in your area.

Dale Bagwell said...

I hear that. Wonder where that Recall office nearby;)

The King of Thessaly said...

Holy shit! What a time to be without a computer! -I'm missing all the drama!!!!!!

Look, I know you (and Karl) through these blogs... as comic-book fans. Neither of you has ever said/done any wrong by me- and I have no problems with either of you. So, as far as 'sides' go... I grew up where being a "geek", comic-book reader, was not the "cool" or "in" thing. As far as I'm concerned- we all are on the SAME side. We were all in the SAME boat. What we enjoyed, what we grew up with, was not "trendy" in the slightest. It was an artistic choice. A matter of taste. And quite frankly: We were ahead of the game.

We are comics.

"Can't we all just get along?"

Dale Bagwell said...

Well King, ideally that'd be nice and all, except this goes waaaay beyond being just a minor scoolyard squabble(is that even a word?).
This person(#theartistformallyknownasKarl) has said and claimed to have done some truly dispicable things. If you read the emails I posted, then you'll see this.

Say what you will about me, and many have and will, but I don't drag family members or kids into a "disagreement" like this. There are clear boundaries you don't cross ever. Unless they've already been crossed and are personally involved.

I get your point about wanting to get along, and such, but the dude's a catfish, and has been for sometime.

His profile pic on FB....taken from another source. A family member.
His name? Fake too. He even admitted as much in one email.

He's basically invented other dummy profiles/accounts to make it look as if he's got all these friends and such. He doesn't. Some intense digging uncovered that lie. And it goes pretty deep.

So while we're all supposedly on the same boat, comics-wise, him and I aren't in the same league decencency-wise.

But to each his own. If you're fine with being cool with a someone like that, that's your perogative. Just expect me to be.
Again, this is very, very different from merely having a beef with someone.
I assure you, if it all happened to you, it wouldn't feel petty.

karl said...

Really creep, really?
You were the one who posted an offensive picture saying I was laughing because an aids test came back negative. Lies all lies typical coming from you and Heather Belt and her ugly kid. I know someone who could make that kid more uglier Belt just tempt me.
Dale your father Charles told me all kinds of crazy shit about you so look let me just say you'd best not cross me in future you gutless redneck. I have that message on my app from you and Belt and not only was it reported but almost 350 ,also expressed their disgust at what you both did. You need to remember that as Americans you have no moral high ground at all in which to stand on in the first place. Shlomo Ben you might like to heed that advice too.
The pair of you had best keep out of my way in future. Not only do I have inside information on the two of you but I also have those screen caps of your offensive and homophobic behavior which as we know is seriously frowned upon these days..,you're being monitored.
So back off!

Mark said...

You're a fuckin scumbag Disley. You told the people of Liverpool that you were happy that the Hillsborough disaster happened. You pose in y fronts with an erection... on facebook.You sad sick man. You are a parasite that just shares other people's photographs on your crappy group pages. You wished cancer on an individual also. You are either mentally disturbed or the lowest of the low.

Wayne Power said...

Hi there. I am currently being hounded by the same person on Twitter after I blocked him. The very same reasons as this. He has now posted pictures of me mocking a mental health condition I suffer with. I've contacted the police . I'm not surprised to see he has form for this

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