Thursday, June 18, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: Magog Vs. Cable


Just wanted to take a quick second, to show off the new addition to my collection, The Vigilante from the DCUC line.

I just love his overall classic look, and how well the sculpters, The 4 Horsemen(not those Horsemen)
really did on this one. He's perfect!

He has visor eyes which adds to his appeal(my buddy Roger refers to him as "Scuba Steve")
and brah, he has guns.

He comes with an uzi, pistol, and rifle, so you know he'll be doing some "sharing" with his possible new BFF, The Punisher.

Standard articulation and posibility right here, as well as crisp paint-work. Love it!

Now I'm just waiting on the regular, Silver verison of the DCUC Captain Atom to show up, as well as the two ML figures I pre-orderd from Amazon, The Grim Reaper and Tiger Shark.

And now onto today's fantasy fight......

So while I understand this match-up isn't exactly a new idea, its still an idea worth exploring.
I'm talking about DC's Magog fighting Marvel's Cable.

How could this fight NOT happen.
Magog's whole look was based off Cable anyways, particularly the designs Ross and Waid didn't like from Cable's look.

When it comes to powers, Magog should be way ahead there. In his Kingdom Come version, he was able to go head-to-head with Superman, if not outright beat him.

His in continuity version, was still pretty powerful, but not enough to keep him from having Maxwell Lord mentally force him to kill himself.

with that little tidbit in mind, plus the fact that Cable's no slouch in the powers department himself, having survived physical wars with the Hulk and Apocalypse, there's no way this fight will be an easy one.

Both men are battle-hardened soldiers.
This shit's going to be intense.





Who Wins and Why?
I'm curious who you guys and gals are rooting for in this one.

Have a good weekend folks......

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