Thursday, June 11, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: Daredevil VS. The Vigilante(Adrian Chase)


Okay, so you know how I mentioned the Vigilante in last week's editon of So, Who Would Win?
Well he's back, and this time facing someone who'd give him a run for his money in the legal department;


Yup, Daredevil, a fellow legal eagle himself in his everyday guise as Matt Murdock.

Now to quickly remind the viewers at home, Adrian Chase(The Vigilante) is a former district attorney who's family were killed by the mob. More than likely and understandibly upset at the lack of progress with his local law enforecment agency, Mr. Chase decided to take the law and matters into his own hands and fight back as the costumed vigilante known as.....The Vigilante.

So, we have a costumed "hero" who seems to be made up of equal parts Daredevil(lawyer) and the Punisher(kills criminals, family killed by the mob).

Given those facts, this imagined fight really just writes itself if you think about it.

But for the sake of arguement, let's say that Adrian Chase is still practicing law, and is still in fact a district attorney. That means he prosecutes criminal cases.

Murdock on the other hand, is a defense attorney, meaning he defends criminals.

See where this is headed?

What if.....Chase and Murdock find themselves on opposite sides iof the same criminal case.
Chase, either during the trial, or after(depending on the verdict) decides to pay said criminal a lethal visit as the Vigilante. Murdock as Daredevil, decides to do the same, but for different reasons, since DD doesn't outright kill people.

And faster than you can say conflict of interest, these two find themselves at odds against one another; both in the court room and now as costumed rivals.

Like I said, it practically writes itself.

Now to be honest, DD's no stranger to guys like Chase. Years of battling the Punisher and similar guys(and gals) are nothing new. So in that particular light, DD should be able to scope this new guy out and beat him right?

But what if during the fight, DD unmasks the Vigilante, and discovers he's the same guy he's battling in court.
How does it affect DD's plans now?

That's what you people get to decide, as I pit Daredevil versus The Vigilante.




The Vigilante

Who Wins and Why?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one, because really, how cool would it be to see two laywers on the exact opposite side of the fence fighting against each other both in the court room and outside of it?

Let me know what you think.

As always, have a good weekend everybody......


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

that's a good match up and a real hard call to make. i had a few issues of Vigilante back in the day that book had some really graphic shit in it for the early 80s. it was sold in a different format then other DC titles which included a better paper stock, a bit more laxed comics code for profanity and a higher cover price. and like i said before it was more graphic then mainstream DC titles i remember issue 12 opening up with a bunch of thugs chasing down and beating a up a woman. it turned out they had all managed to beat the rap thanks to our wonderful justice system after having gang raped her in the past. we also find out she had gotten pregnant from that gang rape and almost died from some complications with it. and after all that those scum bags were still coming back for more after i guess having found out how to find her again. seriously crazy shit for the early 80s bro. in an interest twist Vigilante intervenes only to get bush whacked by the woman who manages to get a hold of a gun one of the thugs had and starts blasting away on them. Vigilante who is kinda out of it after getting hit on the head is pleading with her to stop and turn them over to the police. needless to say she wasn't having it.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

. . . . forgot to mention that i always liked Vigilante's costume design.

Dale Bagwell said...

Me too man. It's both classic and dated, yet it works. I've seen some modern updates, and they're not bad, but nothing beats the original for me.

I'm attempting to get the DCUC action figure myself, Hopefully soon.

For me, this is an easy one. DD wins it. He's a better fighter, and with his enhanced senses, its a win for the 'Devil. Not an easy win by any means, but a win nonetheless.
As good as he was, Chase is/was nowhere near as skilled as DD.

The fun though is watching the conflict between the two, as Chase's life is basically a cautionary tale for Murdock. He too could eventually reach the point where he decides to finally kill, and not just if his life is absolutely at stack. He could just snap one day. That's all it would take. Of course Chase didn't have support of a Foggy Nelson, Karen Page, or the Aveneger, or whomever. He had JJ in the early days, but he died too, as did pretty much all of Chase's intended successors.
I figure it'd be like fighting the Punisher, but with the added twist that Chase used to be lawyer himself. That/s some damn fine pathos right there.

The King of Thessaly said...

I know NOTHING about Vigilante. Well- THAT one.
-Greg Saunders is MY Vigilante.

Still- even though this one was first- I only get a STRONG Onomatopoeia vibe.
And Onomatopoeia is fucking AWESOME.

So, therefore; even though I thought his Netflix series SUCKED... The Double-D wins.

Dale Bagwell said...

You really didn't like the DD series? I guess you're not excited or interested in who's playing the Punisher next season then?

Onomatopoeia indeed was the shit. He was spooky and mysterious, and go show up anywhere to cause serious problems for whomever was his intended victim.
He needs to be brought back, but brought back the right way and maintained as a legit threat.

THIS Vigilante's not bad. Dude had a tragic origin to start, and just spiraled downhill fairly quickly. Again to me, he'd make an execellent warning tale to DD about what could happen to him if he too snapped one day.

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