Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fantasy Team-Up: Guy Gardner and US Agent

Happy Hump Day People

The more and more I think about these combinations, the more I'm really surprised no one else's has or has been allowed to make these connections before.

Such is the case with probably one of the most biggest bromance hook-ups in history, ever, is
Guy Gardner and US Agent.

These two are pretty much in my opinion, the mirror versions of each other for their respective univereses.
Truly brothers from another mother.

Just think about it:

They're both:
-Replacements for a main character's role( Guy for Hal, US Agent for Cap)
-Stubborn, abrasive and obxoxious, A-Type personalities.
-Don't have problems with authority, yet chose to work in those roles themselves.
-Both prefer to be leaders, since they're both alpha males.
-Both had their haydays in the late 80's-early 90's.
-Both have been on THE  Super Team Franchise of their respective uinverses (Guy for the Justice League, Agent for the Avengers)
-Both have gotten into fights with teammates.

-Both have lost or had their body parts removed/replaced at various times on their histories.
-Both got kicked out or quit their respective teams.
-Ultra patrotic guys who worked for patriotic figureheads.
-Proud NRA members(probably)

So yeah, should be very little doubt that they belong together as super-buds.


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