Thursday, June 25, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: Iron Man VS. Sinestro


Based off the premise that this would be a really cool fight to see happen, just exactly how awesome would it be to see Iron Man face off against Sinestro?

Really fucking boss!

Just think about it;

Tony's obviously no stranger to battling foes with rings( Mandarin anyone?) so initally you'd think that'd give Tony an edge, or at least put him on equal footing somewhat.

But would it?

Think about this.
Sinestro's smart. Really, really smart. Not smart like build shit out of tech smart like Tony is, but smart enough to develop long-term machievillian plans and battle strategies.

Also, depending on wether or not this strictly classic Sinestro, or current NU52 Sinestro, who absorbed the Parallax fear entity into hmself. If so, then Tony's really screwed because we all saw how powerful the embodiment of fear is.

But for the sake of this battle, I'd rather not make it too complicated, and just use the classic Sinestro in this one. And it's not like he's any less of a threat.

Sinestro's power ring can do everything that Hal's can, and what the Mandarin did with 10 rings, Sinestro can no doubt do with just one.

I'd be really interested in seeing how Tony counters Sinestro's ring contructs, and how he can work around them.

Can you say Sinestro Corps Buster Iron Man?

Also, looking at their personalities, on paper (at least for a short time) they look like they would/could actually be friends (especially the Superior IM version), or have a healthy mutual respect for one another.

Don't believe me?

Consider this;
-Both were/are best friends with equally stubborn, military guys (Steve and Rhodey for IM; Hal for Sinestro)
-Both are usually 100% convinced their way of doing things is the right way of doing things.
-Both prefer to be leaders in group settings
-Both are arrogant and extremely stubborn
-Both have fallen from grace a few times
-Both of them have been/are memebers of a team they either created or had a major hand in creating (Tony the Avengers, Sinestro his own lantern corps)
-Both are known to create gadgets (Sinestro less so, but he has in the past)
-Both of them have been to known rock mean moustaches (A stretch I know, and Sinestro still does at least;)


Iron Man



Who Wins and Why?

Let me know who you think ultimately walks away from this one.

Have a good weekend folks........

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