Monday, March 25, 2013

"Splitting Hairs"

Yes it is my friends, but that's cool because I have a brand new skit for ya' to chase away the Monday Blues.


The End

Hey, that's how I'll always remember it going down;)


Tiger OA1 said...

My favorite two archers hanging together, cool. Hawkeye is cooler than Ollie (cooler real name and code name) cooler outfit, all we need is a record from Cool Breeze (watch for the Hook)

Dale Bagwell said...

The way the current Green Arrow is portrayed, yeah, I'll agree with you there, otherwise they're both equally pretty damn cool. Sure Ollie has the edge with a better name than Clint(Clit;, but they're still both fucking awesome to have on any team.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

you mean to tell me you had a skit bout archers with out Roy in there some how!?

Dale Bagwell said...

Simple really. It was an all-man, drug-free archery contest. I figure Roy would'a pulled a Lance Armstrong and no one wants that;)

Randomnerd said...

I'm with OA1. Hawkeye will always be cooler to me than Ollie. But I always saw him more of a drug free version of Roy, than a purple version of the Green Robin Hood, myself. At least in that he began his career chasing after the big dog heroes he idolized, and kind of screwed that up to start with. But hey, he proved himself, and without the help of performance enhancing drugs.
He also made out with the Black Widow, which I think ups his coolness factor by about 1000. If Black Canary were a redhead maybe Ollie could compete. (Sorry Dinah, still love you.)

Dale Bagwell said...

Well Clint does have an edge in banging the most super-heroines.

He's banged The Wasp, The Black Widow, The Scarlet Witch and a robot he though was Wanda(yeah I know) There's Mockingbird(his ex-wife) Moonstone(even though technically she's evil) and.....who else?

I'm thinking him and She-Hulk hooked up once or twice but are in the DL about it.
Oh and he's currently having relations with the original Spider-Woman, and may or may not have had sex with the other Hawkeye from the Young Avengers, Kate Bishop. So all in all, that is a far more impressive notch list than Ollie's ever thought about.

as far as comparing Ollie to Clint character and background-wise, they're both total opposites in that department, although there are some similarities, like both being great archers, stubborn and pig-headed, the need to help out the little guy, at times feeling inadequate amongst their super-powered peers, etc.

Drug Free Roy Harper? Ehh, maybe.

Tiger OA1 said...

Boy! Did you see that list. I saw it all unfold (reserve member an all), even seen him punch the shit out of an abusive husband.

My Green friend can't compete with this. Don't think he nailed Kate though (hope not) that would probably be statutory.

Dale Bagwell said...

You know that's a good point Omega, because I remember it being brought up on the forum, and I do believe she's at least 18. So I think if Clint did indeed "hit that, he wouldn't be serving 10-20 for it;)

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