Monday, March 04, 2013

90's Week: Day 1

But of course it's Monday!;)

What's up bitches?

So today, marks the Day 1 of 90's week here @ The House, and oh what fun we'll have too.

But first, I just have to brag about what I got last Saturday from my local comic shop.

-ML Sabertooth for only $10
-ML Beta Ray Bill for $25
-DCUC Gorilla Grodd for only, get this, $10!!!!!

Yes only 10 big ones.
Love it.

Plus some back issues I've been looking to add to complete certain runs, like Earth X, the Early 90's GL series, and a single issue of Fury Max, that concludes the very awesome Fury/Frank Castle Vietnam story-arc. Damn good!

So, today I'll briefly mention just two of a handful of shows I enjoyed watching back in the 90's: 90210 and Melrose Place.

90212 was the first of the two on the air, and the first one of the two I watched. Running from 1990-2000, the show was all about teen angst  and the typical teen issues of the day.

It made household names out of Shannon Doherty, Luke Perry, Ian Ziering, Brian Austin Green, Tori Spelling, and Jason Priestly.

Was it cheap melodrama?

Well yeah!!!!!

Hey, this shows wasn't brain surgery. It was a soap opera for teens in its purest form, and you either got it or you didn't, simple as that.

Amazing how co-creator Arron Spelling had his finger on the pulse of what the kids/teens would like despite being old as dirt even back then.

Melrose Place

Ah Melrose Place:)
This is what the nighttime, adult-version of 90210 looked like.
Co-Created by Arron Spelling, and running from July of '92 to May of '99, Melrose Place was what you'd like your life to be if you were in your 20's or 30's and living wherever the hell they lived. California I guess.

Packed with plenty of steamy implied sex, betrayals, fights, twists and turns, and all the drama you could ever want in a hip young show, MP was the only real challenge to my continuous viewing of WWF's Monday Night Raw.

Oh and of course of because because of this sexy-ass blonde who'd show up in the 3rd season:

 Yep, Heather F'N Locklear;)
She's the only other reason I stuck with the show as long as I did. Hey, anything for my woman;)

Both shows are back(kind of) with mostly all-new casts with the exception of one original.
Yes folks, apparently in television, just like in the movies and comics, everybody loves to bring back old shows and reboot them.


Anonymous said...

90210 and Melrose Place were... okay, for what they were. I look forward to seeing Animaniacs, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Pinky and the Brain, and Reading Rainbow (hey, it still counts).

Dale Bagwell said...

Thanks for stopping by Anonymous;)
Yeah all those shows would be really good topics for a quick review, so thx for the suggestions.

Reading Rainbow does still count yes, even though it started in the very late 80's;)

Omega Agent1 said...

Carmen Sandiego was an amazing idea and could have been a better show with some tweeks. It was sort of a mix between Johnny Quest and and an after school showcase I think they use to call em. Carmen was sexy though, just like Carmen in the HR department. Yes this is a shout out to you MS.HR front office chick. Your yellow goodness speaks to the Agent man.

Omega Agent1 said...

Oh yeah, I couldn't wait till I got to a computer to curse out Young Justice for that Manta/Sportsmaster/Deathstroke episode. Then I thought about it. Dale is trying to push my buttons. So I'm not going to rant, but you know like I know Deathstroke didn't even need to be there at all.

Dale Bagwell said...

You hear that Ms. Carmen? That's you getting a sexy shout-out and that just happened!;)

Aww poor Omega, had to watch that fight scene go down like that. That had to hit you in right in the Omega Balls huh? LOL.

It's cool though, I'm sure before it's all over Manta might be allowed to get his:)

Omega Agent1 said...


Randomnerd said...

Man. And I caught up on YJ just so I could hear a good OA rant. :( I feel so...unsatisfied. Much like I did after I grew up and watched 90210 and That's what the big deal was? I'm sure it was much seedier when you were a youngster watching it. But alas, mother prohibited both these shows in our house. Probably for good reason.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Random: Yeah Omega's just pissed because his boy(and secret crush) Black Manta got jobbed out to Sportsmaster is all. Now if this was the comics version, I'd be pissed too, but the YJ version is much more bad-ass than the comics' version ever thought about being.

Both 90210 and Melrose Place was my nighttime soap opera crack back then in addition to the daytime soaps I watched like General Hospital and Guiding Light. Yes, I watched daytime soaps;)

It really does seem much tamer now compared to the shit they put on the air nowadays. But that's the way hindsight works in theory doesn't it?

Randomnerd said...

Kind of like how I remember Thundercats being way more awesome than it actually was. And She-ra. And Jem. And the Supergirl movie.

The list goes on.

Dale Bagwell said...

Pretty much yeah, and more like as the beat goes on(Sonny and Cher;)

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