Monday, March 18, 2013

"I'm Iron Man Bitch!"


Sure is.

Feeling like this the day/weekend of St.Pat's?

I hear ya' kid;)

Well don't worry people. Mr. Morbid feels ya'. After a raucous weekend that started the weekend off with drinking around 10 am until 10 pm two days later, myself and the entire staff @ The House know how you feel.

But hey, we're hardcore, and figured why not celebrate Hungover Monday with an icon of fellow alcoholics everywhere; the one, the only, Tony Stark, a.k.a., Iron Man.


Oh, and FYI, I want to say a big thank you to Cartoon Network. Sure I was already planning on missing the last episodes of GL and YJ this previous Saturday due to be out of town. Well right before I left, at least with my cable company, Cartoon Network decided to have a Ben 10 marathon instead of showing those last series finale episodes. SO thanks for nothing assholes!!!!!

I'll be Youtube(ing) toot sweet to see what happened and how everything did or didn't wrap up.


Randomnerd said...

I don't know which made me laugh more, the "It's better when it's wetter." line, or the "I can do more than talk backwards" one. :) Lovely, as always, Dale. I don't think the hangover slowed you down any.

I don't know what your cable company was doing, but the season finale of YJ was shown here. It was good. I cried. Seriously. My eldest actually yelled at the screen, which is always a good sign for a comic book.

Can't wait to hear what you think.

Dale Bagwell said...

You know what, It's hard to decide. I watched both today on Youtube, and both endings did it for me.

GL was bittersweet, ans yeah if I was any less awesome I'd have cried manly tears for both Aya and poor Razor.

There was hope in the end, with Razor flying off to find her, and then as if to answer what a Red Lantern who now has love, not hate in his heart would go from here, we see that he'll get a new ring, and become a Blue Lantern. Very fitting, but sad ending.

I loved seeing the Hand that held the beginning of the universe. What a cool easter egg to throw in there.

Now YJ really did feel rushed in its ending. I did like that it was business as usual at the end, so that felt appropriate. But then poor Wally dies yet again. It makes sense in keeping with the odd fascination DC has with killing off Flashes during a CRISIS event, and trust me, this Invasion was as serious, despite the smaller size of the event.

Again, I didn't mind the ending, even with poor Wally dying. It must of mad you really sad, as we see the the obvious love and affection they have for each other after winning their mission together in France.

So yeah, did not see Wally dying, but good ending though. Dick leaves and takes time off, We briefly saw the two Roys, learned the possible futures of the kidnapped meta gene kids, and a new(and what could've been 3rd season) storyline that we can imagine happening down the road.

Dale Bagwell said...
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Randomnerd said...

The minute I saw Wally and Artemis kissing I thought "Oh shit. They're gonna kill him." This thought was reinforced by the looks of complete happiness on my kids' faces at the scene. Too many Flashes. One had to die.
It's just the way it goes.
I'm crossing my fingers for movie style events.

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