Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Welcome to my nightmare"

Happy Halloween People!
(and Happy Birthday to Vanilla Ice:)

Whatever your plans, be it to go trick or treating w/the kids,

or go off to Halloween parties, I hope you guys all have fun no matter what you do.

I really wasn't sure what to do for today's post; I didn't write any specific Halloween skits or any other holiday-oriented stuff since I'm so lazy. I thought about maybe recommending some horror movies to watch today, but if you have cable, most of the channels have been whoring out all the old horror classics for free. And Kevin Smith's been whoring himself out, hosting AMC's gorefest on that channel. So I figured I'd wing it today, and write about someone to whom Halloween doesn't just come once a year, but all 365 days a year.

Today I'm going to put a new spin on My Favorite Album section, and feature one of my favorite artists:

Alice Cooper.

Ahh yes, dear old Uncle Alice.
The father of modern shock rock, must be having a hell of a time this time of year, and who could blame him?

With his elaborate stage shows and horror-themed songs of death, murder, insanity, abuse, and drug-addiction, how could you not want to pop in any old Alice Cooper album in and play it tonight?

And there are many, many Alice Cooper albums too people; entire box sets too!

Personally, unless you're a true die-hard fan, then I highly recommend skipping all that(yes I know blasphemy and all that;) and just pick up any really decent greatest hits collection.

I own a good one myself, called The Best of Alice Cooper: Mascara & Monsters, and it's a pretty damn good compilation album.

With classic Alice Cooper songs like "Welcome to my nightmare", "I'm Eighteen", "Under my wheels", "Only women bleed", "School's out" and much, much more, there's plenty to love since the album features 22 classic hits!

Yeah I know, this is starting to turn into an late-night infomercial, so I'll ease up on the hard sell. But really, if you're already a fan of the man's music, I really don't have to try to hard to convince you.

I have to say, I really like just about all of the classics myself, and even some of his newer stuff like "Dragontown" and the rest.

Here's a few quick facts about the man, the myth, and the legend himself:

-He was born Vincent Damon Furnier on February 4, 1948.(See even his real middle name is evil:)

-He was to quote legendary singer Dusty Springfield "The son of a preacher man." And he was, oh yes he was!

-This is son of a preacher man, married a preacher's daughter,Sheryl Goddard. So a match made in heaven(and/or hell indeed:)

-Alice used to hang out with the Doors back in day, and even helped supply a line for their hit song, "Roadhouse Blues" with the line "Got up this morning and I got myself a beer." True story kids.

-Alice Cooper was once a band, as opposed to just one man. It's just that the band volunteered Alice to adopt the name since he was the lead singer and spokesmen for the group. Alice accepted, and the rest is history.

-Legendary actor and horror icon, Vincent Price supplied his voice to the opening monologue in the song "Devil's Food",on Alice's 1975 solo album, "Welcome to my nightmare." The album did so well, it spin-off it's own television special. Yes kids, back in the day, that stuff actually happened.

-Alice overcame his addiction to alcohol in the mid-80's, but jokes he replaced it with a new one: Golf.

-Finally, after years of being overlooked and ignored, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame officially inducted Alice Cooper in 2011.

Pretty cool huh?

Here's some  various clips of some if his famous songs, and the one of his appearance he did for the Muppet Show in 1978. Yes, the Muppet Show.

I might have already mentioned this, but the first time I ever say Alice Cooper, and heard some of his classic songs, was from watching that episode of the Muppet Show. The story was that he was trying to get a bunch of the muppets to sell their souls, all with various hilarious outcomes.

There's one scene I love, where Alice has wooed Miss Piggy, and in the process turned her into a monster. It's funny as shit!

Take a look:
Fucking classic:)

And here's a collection of all the skits involving Alice:

And now for some songs:

"Welcome to my nightmare"(from the Muppet Show)

"Only women bleed"

"Billion Dollar Babies"

"Under my wheels"

"School's out"
"Is it my body"

And on that note, I'll leave you guys with a word from Steve Purcell's funny-ass Pet Detectives, the loveable Sam and Max, and their take on Halloween:
Amen, brother, amen:)

Have a good one folks!

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