Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Soy Lanterno de Verde!"

It's almost Halloween guys, so who's dressing up?
I'm not since I'm a bit too old, but you shouldn't let that stop you, so go for it and get some free eats:)

Today's skit revolves around another tradition, one seems to go horribly wrong for all involved.

Check it out and enjoy:)


Good ol' typical Guy huh?


Randomnerd said...

You have to wonder, if the GL's invite Guy to the GL parties just to have someone make the bad jokes so they can all be the good guys. Or at least, the guys that don't act like jerks until acted upon by an outside force.

Hilarious as always. :)

And you're never too old to dress up. I'm going as Penny from Dr. Horrible. Might as well have fun since I have to troop the kids around anyway.

Dale Bagwell said...

Aww, thanks Random:)
You'll have to tell me how it went.

As for Guy, he's one of those people that says what he and probably everyone else is thinking, except he actually says it out loud and doesn't give a shit who hears him.

He's also one of those people who you know is a bad influence, but he's still fun to keep around because he'll make you laugh at inappropriate stuff. So yeah, that's probably one of the main reasons the other GL's keep him around. I know I would:)

Randomnerd said...

I'd definitely invite him. Especially to Superbowl parties. Or any sporting event. Might keep me out of some fights.

Trick or Treating went great. Although I don't think anyone outside of a few of my friends actually got my costume. But then, I didn't actually expect my Mom and Dad to know who Dr. Horrible was.

Dale Bagwell said...

I'm normally wouldn't other since I'm not always up to date on Whedon or his whedonverse, but I happened to catch the gimmick in a issue of Wizard, so that's where I learned about it.

Glad you had fun though:)

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