Monday, October 01, 2012

"Mutiny on the Bounty Part 1: Everybody hates Dan(Didio)!"

Happy 1st of the month mother-fuckers!:)

It's a new month, and a new month's worth of skits and music reviews, so let's start off the month right with a new skit.

Today's skit is part one of a two-part story featuring, you guessed it, Dan Didio, and a small group of "employees" who he's pissed off. They're not just disgruntled, they're really, really pissed! So, kick back, relax, and watch the fireworks, as well all find out just why "Everybody Hates Dan Didio":)

The Place: the main office @ DC Comics.

The Man: Dan Didio, working tirelessly at yet another day of screwing up our favorite DC characters forever.......

When all of a sudden............

Then, if by some cue.......

 Hell yeah! Now that looks like fun!

Speaking of running, here's a very appropriate song that'll fit this last scene just right.

From Pink Floyd's album, The Wall, here's "Run like Hell"


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

can't say i know anything really about this Dan Diddo drama. like i said before new comics stuff these days especially when it comes to the behind the scene issues from a production stand point are pretty much off my radar. but i will tell you this, i recently saw the movie "Drive" with Ryan Gossling. there's a scene where he gets the drop on this guy who tries to kill him in an elevator. after brief struggle Gossling stomps this guy on his face until he basically caves in the would be hitman's skull. it was pretty gnarly your skit here reminded me of that scene.
it's funny i was just about to bust your balls about not having checked your email when i saw your comment on the SS blog. excellent feed back on every thing i completely agree. guys with out super powers that manage to kick ass are awesome as is but when they're missing a limb too that's even more awesome. Roy Harper a.k.a Arsenal is all around such a great character. if i had the time i'd start a blog just for him and Young Justice alone. it's a wonder there isn't one out there for him as it is.

Omega Agent1 said...

I kept clicking back and forth on Batman stomping the lego in the face. It's a lot of them that need the compliments of a boot party. But I'm like Shlomo, what did Didio do exactly or what is one of the things didn't he do?

Either way 50/50 isnt't good enough in this new 52.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo, haven't seen Driver yet, but that scene makes me very interested though.

Yeah this season of YJ is going to kick so much ass! Even more than this season's GL show, and they have the Anti-Monitor coming!

@Both, guys, guys! What have we all been bitching about for months now? Besides the SS, it's the reboot! That's what this entire skit rails on, but in humorous way.

If only someone with real common sense would take DC over right now, and fix things:(

Dan said...

I second the Batman stomp tiny legos fanclub, that shot was awesome! And possible wallpaper material too.

Last night I realised how many DC titles I was reading last year compared to how many I am now. I think for me not being sure of what has and hasnt happened is as hard as anything else. Ive just been a fan too long to feel like this. Maybe they could do quivk summaries for all characters at the start if an issue like Marvel used to who knows.

As for Roy, hes always been great as Speedy or otherwise but that whole losing the arm thing was so stupid and lame it makes you wish you had an extra hand to facepalm with because two just aint enough. Mind you with Donna and Tempest also dumped on being a Titan isnt sll it used to be at DC.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan, feel free to take and use as wallpaper if you like:)

When it comes to comics, I've really, really toned it down a lot. As I barely register 1 or 2 comics a year. This year and last were exceptions due to the Black Hand story-line in GL, and an odd issue of Secret Avengers I bought this year.

Other than that, all my $ goes to action figures when I can find good ones, and booze:)

And yeah, new DC issues really could use recaps on the front section of their comics. You'd think that'd be a no-brainer, but this is DC we're talking about:(

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