Thursday, October 25, 2012

Morrisonian Dream-Weaver

Once again, TGIT people!

So I was wondering what the hell to write today, since my lazy ass only really wrote and created two new skits, and then I came across an interesting idea.

Fans and longtime readers of Wizard Magazine might remember how every so often, the staff writers would come up with their own list of dream teams; creative teams they'd like to see take over certain comic books.

One time it was for Marvel, the other for DC.

And so I it got me thinking about my own list of writer/artist duos that I'd like to see on certain titles.

But instead of going through a whole huge list, I decided to just pick one person today and list about 10 titles if I could think of them, that a writer, artist, or writer/artist combo hasn't done yet.

Today I picked Grant Morrison.

He his work should be common knowledge to even the most casual of fans/readers, so I won't bother going into his long laundry list of works and achievements.

Instead I'll try and come up with at least 5 titles Morrison hasn't written yet, and why he'd be a good fit for them.

It's go time!

1). Fantastic Four
Now before you guys start to cry foul, yes I know that Morrison's already worked on the FF before. Along with artist Jae Lee, Morrison wrote awesomely brilliant Fantastic Four 4-issue mini-series, 1,2,3,4 for the then Marvel Knights imprint in 2000.

And he managed to condense all those ideas and plots into four issues. Imagine if he'd been allowed to do an even longer run, and on the main title no less.

Knowing Morrison's style and penchant for writing long epics, that 4-issue mini could've easily been expanded to about 20.

Really those 4 issues alone, easily proved to FF fans and Marvel in general, just how much Morrison loves those characters, as his love of all things from the Silver Age certainly showed here with all those crazy ideas he put into that mini. Unfortunately Marvel never let Morrison play in the main sandbox, so those adventures may, or may not be in continuity anymore. Which doesn't really diminish how cool that work is, just that it makes us only wonder "what if?"

I don't really if Marvel really ever let Morrison play with the FF toys again, and I guess that really depends on Morrison, his ideas, and the current ruling administration at Marvel at the time.

I'm thinking one of the reasons he wasn't allowed to write the FF proper, was probably when he was quoted as commenting that "Namor is a way for Johnny Storm to have sex with his sister(or live out that particular fantasy by living vicariously through him) rather than actually doing it in person."

I'm only paraphrasing just a little bit, but yes, that's the gist of what he said.
Hmm, and yet one wonders why Marvel wasn't hopping aboard the Morrison train on that one. And don't forget, before Mark Millar, Morrison also pitched an idea to write the Ultimate Fantastic Four series, that would eventually go to Millar.

All that aside, I'd still love to see Morrison do an extended run on the FF, with his love new scientific concepts and all things Silver Age as a guide for how he'd interpret them.

Just leave out the implied incest angle please.

As for the artist to work alongside Morrison, Uh I don't know maybe the usual suspects of Frank Quitely or Ethan Van Sciver. Or just have Van Sciver draw the covers, that works for me. Or, he could also work with current collaborator Darrick Robertson. That'd work fine for me.

Like I said, just imagine a year or two run, with Morrison using all of the familiar supporting casts and villains associated with the FF like, the Molecule Man, Mole Man, Impossible Man, the Skrulls, Diablo, hell he can even throw in the Puppet Master, Alicia Masters, Old Willie Lumpkin, and Adam Warlock(Him) in there if he wants. I just know if he was writing the book, it'd be damn good.

2). Silver Surfer

If you thought Morrison would be great for the FF, just imagine what he could do with the Silver Surfer.
I imagine Morrison would have no problem giving the character and concept of ol' Norrin Radd a good polishing(no pun intended) and leave him better and more prominent than he'd found him. And trust me, a once again relevant Surfer benefits everybody, especially Marvel.

If I could attempt to predict what approach Morrison would take with the Surfer, it might be exactly like/similar to the Stan Lee/Moebius's graphic novel The Parable, where the Silver Surfer was viewed as a messianic, christ-like figure come to save that planet's people. I think he might use this particular concept again, but expand on it like only Morrison can, infusing the character and story with his own unique views on religion, transcendence, and mythical beings.

Picking the right artist isn't easy for me, as a large number of artists could work well with this project.

Alan Davis, Essad Ribic(he worked on the Surfer before) Alex Ross, or even maybe the artist Ladronn, whose heavily Jack Kirby-influenced work would really make this project shine.

It's a thought.

3). Deadman.

Continuing on the concepts of religion and inner and universal consciousness, Deadman is another interesting character that Morrison would leave better than when he found it. Similar to how Morrison used Animal Man as way to champion and animal rights and speak out about the misuse and cruelty shown by humans to animals, so too would Deadman be used as a meta-commentary on life and the general behavior of humanity, and basically the way people tend to hurt other people.

Also, religion would also play a huge role in Morrison's run, since it was the Rama Krishna aspect of God that created Deadman in the first place and sent him on his mission to restore the cosmic balance.

There's really no telling just how far and how deep Morrison would go to expand upon and explain in detail the importance of this mission, both to humanity and all life in general, but also as salvationary, redemptive tool for Deadman's own soul.

Yeah, this could be really good!

As the possible artists, maybe on covers, Neal Adams, with maybe Ryan Sook, current JLDark artist Mikel Janin, or hell, how about Alex Maleev on interiors? Now that'd be some nice, moody-ass art huh?

It's a thought.

4). Captain America.

Yeah I know, what a random choice huh? And he is in all honesty. But just imagine what a writer like Grant Morrison would have to say with a character like Cap? No doubt he might use Cap and his allies and villains as allegorical commentary on terrorism or how the world views America, like former Cap writer John Ney Rieber tried, but better. Or maybe he'd tackle the old "Man out of time" angle like writer Rick Remender is doing again to an extent in the new Captain America series? Or talk about the very concept of war. Or maybe Morrison would be better than all that, and actually try an original approach to Cap. Wouldn't that be cool?

Possible artists, wow, that is a bit of a toughie. 

Frank Quitely's interpretation in Cap, and in particular his enemies like the Red Skull, Baron Zemo, and Arin Zola would be pretty damn interesting, not to mention all the new creations he could throw at Cap, so there's that. Or even use Ladronn again. Like I said, his style's like a modern, euro-version of Kirby's, so that might work.

Marvel's got a good roster of artists from Morrison to choose from, so really anyone of them would do.

5).Green Lantern.

Seriously think about that one for a minute. You have a character like Green Lantern, with his mastery over fear and an incredible weapon powered by the strength of his will, patrolling Earth and outer space as a cosmic cop? 

Now tell me Morrison wouldn't write the shit out of that series. 

Not only would we probably finally see Hal's Earth-based Silver Age villains again,who have long been forgotten and left behind in favor of Johns' desire to tell a giant, sprawling space epic, but just imagine GL's world filtered through Morrison's lense.

It might be like that one one-shot by J.M DeMatteis and Seth Fisher,Willworld, where the world inside GL's ring is explored, also similar to Jim Krueger/Alex Ross' Justice maxi-series. Or maybe not.

But I'm sure it'd be pretty damn cool and original, not to mention all of the different possible alien races Morrison would create. 

Any current DC artist in their stable would be acceptable, including current artist Doug Mahnke, or former GL artist Ivan Reis, or someone in that similar vein.

So that's at least 5 possible character choices off the top of my head that I can see Grant Morrison working magic with.

Feel free to write in more suggestions or your very own lists of possible writers/artists you'd love to see take your favorite characters.

No idea's that far out, since this is the world of comic books, so go nuts!

Not bad for a filler piece, or as my favorite Aussie-turned Kiwi transplant Dan loves to call them "Puff Articles."

Finally there's this little piece I just finished today:

Captain America as a fat-chick thriller? Sure it goes against type, but since most of America's obese anyways, it's not that big of a stretch is it? Ha, get it? Stretch?

Hey, what can I say, I like to leave you guys with smiles on your faces.

Have a good weekend people:)


Dan said...

Nice idea for a post! Being a massive Grant-head myself I think of this idea a bit too. Deadman is a great choice! My five would be;

The Legion. Grant has mentioned hes a huge 31st century fan. He's one writer who could keep the silver age feel and make it feel like the future at the same time!

The FF. Like you said, its a natural fit.

Doctor Strange: Who else can blend Steranko and Ditko with magic, supernaturalism and more? Originally I was writing The Defenders, but this plays to grants strengths more.

Vision and The Scarlet Witch An intangible robot made by humanitys biggest threat gets to have fictional babies with the probability altering daughter of mutants biggest political activist. Its got Morrison written all over it!

Titans: Just edging out Jim Corrigan The Spectre, Teen Titans is the book Grant pitched for at the same time as JLA - and I've always been curious at what he would do and cast. It would deffinitly becthe shot in the arm the franchise needs. Brother Blood by Grant? I'm there!

Dale Bagwell said...

Glad you liked it Danny Boy:) I was just thinking about a possible topic to write about on short notice, and like I said, this idea popped into my head. I might make it a regular thing. Shit what I am saying? Of course it'll probably be a regular thing:)

I like your choices though.
I'm not really big into the Legion, but I do appreciate the concept. Since there's not really much Morrison couldn't write, I don't see why Legion would be any exception.

Doc Strange? Damn straight. I'd even use Dr.Strange:Blood Oath mini-artist Marcos Martin again, since he seemed to channel Ditko so damn well.

The Vision and Scarlet Witch? Not a bad choice. It'd be damn interesting to see what he'd have to say with those two characters, but since he excels at using odd characters, he'll no doubt kick-ass.

The Teen Titans? Yeah, like Legion, I'm sure he'd do wonders for them, acknowledging their long history, scratch that, since their Nu52. Shit I don't know, but he's Grant Morrison, so he'd probably just wright about the originals anyways:)

Ow the Spectre; he yeah. I'd love to see a short Morrison horror story featuring the Spectre. Good call.

Anymore suggestions people?

Randomnerd said...

Ditto on Legion and Titans, although I'm sure you're not shocked there, and I'll also ditto the FF. I've always wondered why he was never given the run of that book. But I'd never heard the whole "incest" thing, and that probably did have them doing the slow walk away and the subtle cough to change subjects.
Other than that, I'd love to see him hit something Steampunk again. I don't really care what, just something original. I'm getting sick of the rehash.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Randomnerd, oh yeah, I'm pretty damn sure that whole incest comment pretty much nixed any enthusiasm Marvel might've had for a Morrison run on FF. And while Millar's usually know for being way sicker than that, if he had agreed or thought similar thoughts, he was smart enough to keep them to himself.

I think since Morrison has such a talent for taking unwanted/unused or forgotten characters and making them exciting and interesting again, I could easily see him tackle c-,d-, and z-listers with ease.
Like Devil-Slayer from the Defenders, or maybe Echo from Daredevil. How would Morrison play up her deafness? Or any other character in that ballpark.

The sky's the limit.

Dan said...

Yeah he really does pick great backbenchers huh? Shame DC doesnt do the Secret Society of Super Vilians anymore - he'd be great there with Rainbow Raider, Quilt Man and all those bizzare 80's rouges.

I mean one month Shaggy Man is 'Mort of the Month' in Wizard, a few months later, he's The General in JLA tearing Batman a new one and everyone loves him. Kinda have to wonder if Grant didn't see that Mort article and decide to right the wrong done in it...

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, that might be what happened. Of course Morrison's such a big silver age fan he might have already had that idea in mind, but maybe see the article and it reinforced that notion. Who knows, but good point.

Speaking of the SSoV, how weird is it they reprinted most of that series? I'm not knocking ir due to such diversity, but it is an odd choice. But I wouldn't be against a new, updated version of the SsoV, so who knows.

Omega Agent1 said...

Morrison is high caliber and could do almost any character but I would love to see him do a c,d or e character. I don't really know who but I would be watching to see what happens.

I love the Vision and Scarlet Witch angle. Their first series has a place locked down on my comic book all star list.

Omega Agent1 said...

I was thinking and had to pop back over here and add the Submariner. I know he's sort of A list but he needs a serious take on his books that doesn't have to do with wwI or II.

I know Namor likes the blone's but the thing with him crushing on Emma Frost made me sick at the stomach. I'd want to see a different take on the Atlantians and a return of Lady Dorma. Plug Grant into Atlantis and watch flames burn underwater.

I don't think he would kid glove a love and sex triangle between Namor, Sue and Reed like Geoff did with Black Manta, Mera and Aquaman.

Instead of beating around the Bush with Namor's metaforical struggle between two worlds. Morrison would deal with the real issue of Namor being biracial (African American and Caucasian American).

With the backdrop of high adventure and Grant's sick story I don't know if I could handle the elation.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Omega, good points there man. Morrison on Namor, and by extension Marvel's version of Atlantis, would be a pretty slick idea.
Since Black Panther and his kingdom got some love and building up, Namor and Atlantis are also way overdue as well for the same.

I don't know how Namor would handle a love triangle w/the Invisible Woman and Mr.Fantastic since there's no way editorial would seriously allow Sue to choose Namor over Reed; never gonna' happen.

So no Cyclops/White Queen part 2 outcome on this one.

I will say it's way overdue for Namor to find some new women to chase after, to freshen up the same old "pining over Sue thing".

As for Namor dealing with the whole biracial thing, dude, he does it all the time, except Marvel calls it him bring a mutant:)

But I get where you're coming from, and early 60's and 70's issues featuring Namor, really did deal with that topic a lot.

But really good points Omega.

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