Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ode to Jackie Brown

Hey people, long time no see.

Today's skit revolves around one of my favorite Quentin Tarenteno movies, Jackie Brown. If you haven't seen it yet(and it's been out since 1996) I highly recommend watching it. It's Quentin's ode to to those old and funny Blaxsplotation movies of the 70's.

So with that in mind, on with the show:

The End


Dan said...

Jackie Brown is awesome mr - and this is a pretty sweet tribute. But Flair? You know when you really want cool you dial the Mucho Man don't ya? Ohhhh yeh!

Dale Bagwell said...

Dan, yeah no doubt "The Madness" would also be awesome to have over, but since I don't have a Macho Man action figure I can't use him.

Glad you liked it though.

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