Friday, November 18, 2011

"That's Just Fucked Up Man!"

TGIF People!

Well what do you know, 2 posts in one week! Thank Allah!

And now for my inaugural segment I call TJFU, or That's Just Fucked Up!

Wow, that really is fucked up!

And now for my final skit:


StarryPluto said...

You have issues...and that's putting it lightly!

No wonder we rock each other's worlds! xoxo

Dale Bagwell said...

And that's just how we roll. Love you too!

Dan said...

even robin loves good comic art lol

funny as always mr

Dale Bagwell said...

Hey Dan, thank you sir....and balls to you!

Omega Agent1 said...

Dude that was funny. Robin the dumb detective. I hope you have more of this.

Dale Bagwell said...

Glad you enjoyed it man! And not for right now, but who knows in the future.

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