Friday, November 04, 2011

I know what you did last Halloween....

Hey people, it's sure been awhile huh?
Well Halloween has come and gone, but Heather and I had a real nice time. We decorated of course, so I'll have to post pics of her cool-looking pumpkin that an awesome Raven design she carved on it. Also, pics of our humble little table decorations, and more next time, I promise.

So, without further ado, here's a little skit I call "I know what you did last Halloween, or Holy Frightmare Batman!"

Sorry about the missing pics guys! The stupid computer here @ the local Library didn't load all of the pics right, and I hastly deleted them from my flash drive, so a do-over is in order.
I swear to God I fucking hate computers!!!!!!!

Other than all that, not much else to write about except that my baby's turning 29 next tuesday! She gets one more year to enjoy her 20's, and then next year she gets to feel the "joy" I'm currently experiencing as a 30 year-old.

Don't worry folks, next week's post will be better and funnier, I promise.


StarryPluto said...

Joy @ 30? I didn't think you could use both those words in one sentence! LOL...I'm still in my twenties...hahahahaha

Dale Bagwell said...

I did, and you can...maybe.

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